Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yet another snowstorm!

The weatherman has so underpredicted our last three or four snowstorms, when they said this one would bring one to two FEET of snow, it seemed like either they would be right...or there would be all this pre-storm hysteria and then nothing would come of it. Friday morning the snow started, as predicted, but the temperature hovered around freezing, so the snow kept melting and took a long time to start accumulating. But once it started accumulating, it really stuck!

By late Friday evening, it was snowing hard and the boughs of the cedar tree in front were weighed down by the snow.

Looks a lot like our snowstorm from December, doesn't it?! It kept snowing hard all night and for most of Saturday as well. This is Saturday morning.

And this is what the cedar tree looks like in daylight, with a lot more snow on it.
Fuzzy was interested to see what i was doing and what the snow looked like, so he stood up and peeked out the storm door. You can see the reflection of the snow on the front steps...the steps are completely covered and filled in with snow!
Here's my measure of how deep the snow's up to the level of the seat on my garden bench, which is 18 inches! (a couple of inches more of snow fell after this picture was taken.) You can't see it well but there are birds on the there was a whole flock of mourning doves on the "ground" below the feeder, plus at least three male and two female cardinals, several blue jays, a red-bellied woodpecker, several white-throated sparrows, but none of the little birds (maybe they were all sheltering 'til the snow stops falling).

To take the previous picture, I had to use the storm door to push the snow out of the way so i could get the door open--the snow had drifted right up against it. Gingy thought she might like to go out on it, after all it was right there at foot level, but then decided against it.
Finally in late afternoon it stopped snowing and the clouds lifted enough for there to be a faint rosy sunset. The snow plows have been through several times and the street pavement is actually visible...along with the very tall piles of snow that the plows have pushed up, including right across the foot of my driveway.

One of my favorite sounds from my childhood in New Jersey was the sound of the snowplow! The big diesel trucks would come down our street and you could hear the plow blade scraping on the road and the jingle of the tire chains...a song that usually meant no school the next day! During this storm, my town seems to be using its own pickup trucks with snowblades on them, rather than the big dumptrucks that the highway department uses. I guess the pickup trucks have more maneuverability in our older residential neighborhoods and maybe are cheaper than contracting for the bigger trucks, but i miss the big truck's sounds!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of snow! Stay warm!!!

  2. Oh, I was wondering how you all fared in the snowstorm...such beautiful photos and they really tell the story of your snowy days! The kitties look of wonder is great! Your memory from childhood of the sound of the snowplow meaning no school reminded me of such a time, too!
    Heard from a friend in another part of Virginia, she got 30 inches, while here in Maine the bare ground is visible with just some patches of snow here and there. Stay warm and cozy and enjoy all the wonderful things that came in the mail on Friday. What good timing!

  3. The snow just keeps on a-coming, doesn't it? Looks much the same here. Of course we are expected to continue working in this mess. I need a warmer climate.

  4. lovely photos! My hubby is outside shoveling right now...poor guy, we have a LONG driveway!

  5. Beautiful snow pictures. You've got even more snow than we've got. Impressive. And purrrty!

  6. That is a lot of snow, but it is pretty. We know it is a lot of work for you to dig yourself out!

  7. Oh my gosh, your snowy pics are much prettier than my snowy pics! Stay safe! And snuggle for the warmth!

    (Are you ready for Tuesday?)

  8. Amazing photos - you certainly got walloped with snow!! Pretty, but a lot of shoveling, I bet. Funny to see the kitties' curiosity, which is curbed when it comes to actually stepping out into the cold!! Hope you're staying warm!