Monday, May 10, 2010

How to Recover from Foot Surgery

It's very important to spend a lot of time lying down on the couch, with your foot elevated. (Dr Sylvie behind the pillow, Dr Fuzzy on the pillow) (It turns out that icing the foot didn't work well...the wrapping is so thick, the coolness didn't really get through to my foot very well) (The weird orange stripe above my ankle is from the antiseptic stuff they use pre-operatively.)
It's especially important to spend a lot of time lying down while Dr Fuzzy administers purr therapy.


  1. Enforced rest is never very successful. One can think of a million tasks that should be done; from whatever chair or bed there are views of things that ought to be tweeked or cleaned or moved. [At least that is the case in my house!]
    The comfort of the cats at such times is very real.

  2. You've clearly got a team of the very best doctors looking after you. Purr therapy is a potent remedy ;-)

  3. MM, you are so right...i thought about the bushes needing pruning, the garden i wished i was planting, the weeds that needed weeing...even the vacuuming that needed doing! (and i so rarely vacuum...ya know, it frightens the cats...)

  4. Get well soon. This is really very much harsh and painful surgery and need much time to get recover to health.