Monday, September 20, 2010

Does This Look Like a Sick Kitty to You?

Gingy in command of Prince William Emergency Vet Hospital

This is how she's feeling more often...not very comfortable.
Poor Gingy wasn't feeling at all well today.She ate an o.k. breakfast but easily let Louie take over her food bowl and then went and spent the day in the basement. At one point she was lying comfortably on her back, but later she was in a dark corner with her head tucked into some boxes. She moved again to a throw rug and was lying on her side, seeming kind of tense and uncomfortable. She threw up once and also peed on the floor (although the latter is not that unusual for her). She had no interest at all in coming upstairs for a snack or supper...definitely a sign that she wasn't well!

I realized i'd either have to take off from work on Monday in order to take her to the vet, or take her to the emergency vet. I went to Prince William Emergency Vet Hospital since they're closer (25 miles) than the Leesburg hospital (45 miles)...which has moved to a new location since the last time i used them and i'm not even sure exactly where they are. Much to my pleasant surprise, the vet who i'd seen most often in Leesburg (back in the days when Louie was having terrible urinary tract problems) now works at the Prince William hospital and that's who Gingy saw. She took xrays of Gingy's tummy, gave her subcutaneous fluids, and gave her a shot of Pepcid to help ease her irritated tummy...with a possible diagnosis that she's got a hairball working its way through her lower digestive tract with gas caught above it causing Gingy's abdominal discomfort.

Unfortunately, Gingy's not feeling much better this morning. She did come upstairs while i was feeding the other cats and nibbled a teaspoon or two of canned food, but then immediately put herself back to bed in the basement. So i'm working from home and will take her to her regular vet as soon as they can work us in.

update: Thank you all for your expressions of concern. It seems that Gingy's white blood count is very high, so she's fighting an infection of some sort, and her kidney values are off. Dr S thinks it's possible that there are at least two things going on: the hairball/digestive blockage and a raging urinary tract infection which might possibly be up in her kidneys. (I feel so bad...this time those puddles of pee on the floor meant Gingy was feeling poorly, not just being "bad" as she often is.) Dr S gave Gingy another shot of Pepcid, more subQ fluids, and an injection of antibiotics (which i requested instead of pills, since if Gingy isn't interested in eating, i wouldn't be able to get her take pills in Pill Pockets [the only way i can pill her], plus Clavamox tends to make my kitties lose their appetites and that's not what we want with a kitty who's not eating). Gingy got some of her fur mats shaved and toenails trimmed...a tiny spa treatment while she was in their power. She was more alert than last night but still pretty lethargic.

I stopped at Starbucks drive-through on the way home to get a coffee and chicken sandwich to i set the sandwich down on top of Gingy's carrier, she meowed loudly. When we got home, she strolled out of her carrier and headed straight to her food bowl! She ate a couple of tablespoons of dry food and at least a tablespoon of canned food before settling down at the head of the stairs instead of retreating to the basement. It's amazing how quickly she's feeling better...i hope she continues to feel better and better with no setbacks.


  1. This is the heart-rending part of loving our animal companions---the times when they are ill and we worry that they can't be helped.
    Cats can "pull through" some amazing difficulties and then so suddenly they can be seriously ailing.
    I hope for the best for your Gingy.

  2. Poor Gingy! The cats are sending her many purrs. We hope everything will be all right!

  3. WE are sending lots of purrs for Gingy!

  4. Oh purrs for Gingy. That doesn't sound like any fun at all.

  5. Henry and I add our good thoughts to the chorus. Hope all is well SOON!

  6. Purrayers for Gingy from everyone at the Casa!

  7. Poor Gingy!! Sending her some big woodsy purrs from up here!!!

    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  8. Sending kitty hugs to Gingy from Angus, Rosie and me!
    (Hope she feels ALL better very soon!)

  9. I'm glad the update on Gingy sounds favorable--I've had some sad experiences with feline urinary issues.
    When I've had cats with a poor appetite during an illness, I've spoon fed them baby food strained meats--the chicken is usually a hit.