Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Welcome to my blog! I don't know whether i'll actually be able to keep up with it or not, but here you'll find mewsings about cats, quilts, stampin' (I finally bit the bullet and became a Stampin' Up! demonstrator this month), mewsic, Judaica, gardening, cooking, and the many other things that i find interesting.
This picture is from last night. The weather has turned very quickly to Fall, with temperatures outdoors approaching freezing and temperatures indoors fairly cool, t00. I'm not sure which cat got up on the couch first, but then the other one joined him...these two are neutered males, several years apart in age, one formerly the abused and neglected and abandoned cat of a neighbor, the other formerly the neglected cat of a different neighbor, and now they are both my dear cats and dear friends to each other!
Louie, the cat on the right, is the family ambassador. He likes everybody and MAKES them like him. Fuzzy, who is the largest and oldest (but not most senior) member of the household, can sometimes be timid. (Which is so funny, because i was afraid to let him in the house at first, thinking he would try to beat up all the indoors cats. Instead, fate forced my hand. I had to bring him in because he became terribly ill. As he recovered in the warm quiet of the basement, the other cats checked him out under the basement door. They actually all knew him, because they used to be indoor/outdoor cats, and ran into him in the yard. Anyhow, when he recovered and came upstairs, he immediately let it be known that he considered himself the low cat on the totem pole.) Fuzzy and Louie have a very warm friendship, almost like litter-mates.

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