Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weird weather

Last week we had snow early in the week...and by the weekend, the temperature reached 62 degrees! Almost all the snow melted, and the top inch or two of soil in my backyard thawed, but what was underneath stayed frozen, so the mud kind of slipped around on top. I took my compost bucket out (well past time...the clouds of fruitflies were escaping from it into the house) and shlipped and shlopped over to the compost heap. I had to paddle my (waterproof) shoes in the puddle of melted snow on the patio to try and wash all the mud off before i came inside.
First here's Fuzzy enjoying a warm telecommuting snuggle on Friday:

Then there's my Christmas cactus blooming...this is the younger of my two plants, must be about 20 years old now, i got it because i love this fuchsia color even better than the original red blooms.
On sunny Sunday, Sylvie napped and watched birds in the hammock-like kitty perch in the study. Fuzzy used to like this perch, too, but he has trouble leaping up there anymore, plus he was in it when the plastic frame cracked and i think he's been leery of it ever since, even though i carefully repaired it.
Sylvie and Gingy took turns sitting on top of the stepstool i conveniently placed in front of the open kitchen door for was too nice a day to deny them the pleasure of sniffing the breeze and hearing the birds unfiltered by a closed door.
The warm weather was just a tease...we had a sprinkling of snow again yesterday (Tuesday), today it barely got up to freezing, and at the moment it's 18 degrees and heading downwards.


  1. Hi quiltcat,
    I just love the photos...Sylvie looks so very comfy and Gingy is adorable on the step stool.
    Fuzzy sure knows how to snuggle!
    It's Thursday night as I write and about 6 degrees and is dropping down to Zero! Brrr, it's been cold all day. I'm in my studio and am going to run back to the house!

  2. We love ot that you so thoughtfully let the gang sniff the air from the stool. You're a good Mom. And the hammick looks fun ... we wish we had one!