Saturday, July 18, 2009

Now a Few Words From the Cats

The poor little guys feel that i haven't posted enough pictures of them lately...bad enough that i went off to Rhode Island and Vermont, but then i posted all those quilting pictures...

First off, though, a bit of a rainbow seen on my return trip from Vermont. I had stopped at the New Baltimore, New York, rest stop on the NY Thruway. It had been raining off and on since i left Burlington, and had just finished pouring...and there was this beautiful rainbow in the east across the highway.

When i came home the boys showed me how cute they are...looks like they were practicing synchronized snoozing!
Fuzzy wanted to show me that he fit quite well in my suitcase.

Back to telecommuting Fridays, Louie tries to get my attention by hopping up on the box next to me and tapping at my leg.
Gingy taking a rest on the desk.

Fuzzy "supporting" me (or at least my notepad) while i work.

Me trying to conduct a teleconference while Fuzzy is on my lap, giving me kitty kisses.

Another snoozing Gingy shot.

This morning, Fuzzy hopped up on the bed, walked over to where Louie was snoozing, plopped down next to him, and started patting at his tail and feet.

The next thing you know, it's a wrestling match between two 16-pound kittens!

I'm off to New Jersey for the weekend, for the unveiling of my mother's gravestone...back Sunday night!


  1. We hope your trip goes well. No doubt it will be happy and yet sad if you are unveling your mother's headstone.
    Jan (milo and Alfie's MOM)

    Milo and Alfie send thir purrs.

  2. Synchronized snoozing...too funny!! Have a safe trip!

  3. We love all these photos - the synchronized snoozing is great, and Gingy has amazing floof! Hope you have a safe trip.

  4. Hey---Fuzzy knows when you been on the phone too long! :) Wonderful photos--gorgeous cats!

  5. THey are so pretty. Have a safe trip!

  6. fun to see you all having some fun together! hope you had a good trip to NJ, filled with fond memories of your Mom.

  7. Two sixteen-pound kittens? Wow, Fuzzy and Louie must also practice synchronized chowing down! :-D

  8. These photos are wonderful. The twin snoozers had me laughing out loud! Looks like your home is full of purry softness with these warm fluffy friends all around!
    hope your visit to NJ goes well.
    Thinking of you,

  9. Oh !!they are too cute and they look so gentle.
    I envy you to have all those fluffy friends.

  10. Synchronized snoozing!
    They are so cute greeting you like that..
    Have a safe trip to Jersey..

  11. Our Mom tagged your Mom to do the Mom meme yesterday (iffen she has time).