Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vermont Quilt Festival (part three)

One of my favorite parts of going to VQF, other than seeing the magnificent quilts that are hung with care in the show, is visiting all the vendors and making some careful purchases of fabric, thread, patterns, embellishments, jewelry....the temptations are huge! And seriously, when the vendors bring their best and newest goods with them, it's a joy to see what they've got.
One of my favorite vendors is Usha at Handloom Batik. She has family in India who hand block print and batik most of the fabric that she sells. She had these two cool patterns "Quilting Bee" and "Laundry Day" by Bunny Leighton, made up in a rainbow of ethnic fabrics. Here's a close-up of the Quilting Bee pattern.
I just had to buy the patterns, as well as some of Usha's Indian cottons to use in this or some other project. (Gingy was snoozing on the ironing board and didn't mind modeling all of the fabrics and goodies.)
Here are some batiks that i got with the Quilting Bee project in mind from Batiks Etcetera, all the way from North Dakota....well, the vendor came from North Dakota, the fabric came from Indonesia!
Some yummy sparkly fabrics that i got from the guys at Woodstock Quilt Supply.
This is a lovely calligraphy and quilt design transferred to fabric by my friend Kathi Giberman of Nova Scotia. She has a great selection of lovely sayings like this set in quilt blocks, as well as many Celtic designs, Nova Scotia scenery, animals, and geometric designs. Her calligraphy and ink work are quite outstanding. I think last year was the first time she brought her designs transferred to fabric...i had to buy several with the idea of making up little wall hangings for some special friends.
Speaking of special friends, my friend Betsy and i always give each other some cat/quilt/book related addition to being a very talented quilter in her own right, Betsy is also a cat mom, a professional librarian, and an author. We met years ago at a B&B in Northfield, Vermont, when the Vermont Quilt Festival was still held there and now every year we look forward to sharing a suite at VQF. Here's some really cute ceramic "buttons" that can also be used as stamps.
Unique handprinted cat designs on hand dyed fabric from Marit Lee Kucera of Artspoken Yardage.
Really cute ceramic cat buttons.
A cute pincushion from her local quilt show...picked out especially for me because of the cat fabrics on it.
Last but not least, a kitty cookie cutter Betsy picked up at the King Arthur Flour store on her way up to the quilt festival.


  1. I just spent a long time biggifying all these photos to get a good look at everything. I love it all, but particularly admire those buttons/stamps, and the Marit Lee Kucera hand prints (I think those would look wonderful in a frame!)

  2. Wow! those are very interesting quilt patterns and fabric! The button/stamps are great! I can tell you had a wonderful time!

  3. What a great prop for your photos..........

  4. Mom Barb here. I remember when I first started quilting I bought tons of fat quarters... by the times I gave up quilting (about 8 years ago) I had graduated to only buying bolts of fabric! I always had plenty of scraps after the first few years!

  5. Wow! I just love these photos Paula - it sounds so fantastic, the Vermont Quilt Festival, I wish we had something like that here, but I don't think we do....
    My favourite pic is the one with the pussycat, of course!

  6. We biggified all the photos to look closer ~ fabulous work. We just love the cat designs ~ Mom wants to know where and if they can be purchased as they are gorjuss?

    Mom said you must have had a fabulous time and she would have loved to go herself even though she isn't a quilter herself. She said she can appreciate the skill, ceativity and beautiful workwomanship. And she said thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you everyone for visiting! Mom Barb, i am in awe of someone who would buy whole bolts of must've had the quilting bug bad! I can't imagine not quilting anymore, although i abandoned cross-stitching (in the middle of several projects!) when i started quilting.

    Liz, i know there are quilt shows in the UK, such as these and some of them have workshops associated with them as well.

    Milo and Alfie, i'm sure your Mom would enjoy going to a quilt show, too! Maybe you should encourage her to go, because she could buy soft fabric for you to sit on. I checked on Marit Lee Kucera's web site and it looks like her cat designs are available on t-shirts, notecards, tote bags ... but the fabric pieces are only available from the artist at quilt shows or art shows!

  8. Just catching up on your Vermont Quilt Festival...sure does sound like a wonderful time and I just love the photos of Gingy with all of your treasures!

  9. Am I terrible for lusting after your purchases?
    I think I would have chosen every one of these items myself!
    You did well and Gingy makes a lovely background for photography purposes!
    You're making me feel like I want to go to the festival next year!
    When i last went it was in Northfield and was wonderful.
    Glad you had fun!

  10. Marit Lee Kucera here:
    Thanks for showing my Poetic Tales of cats which are hand screen-printed on my own "atmospheric" hand-dyed fabric.
    I am thrilled also that I am mentioned in these comments.
    FYI: the designs that are available on hand-dyed fabric (8x11" size of fabric) are the ones listed as available as cards on my website:
    The cost is $4 each. Old price, I know, but it stlll works for me.
    There is no rhyme or reason to which design gets printed on which color of fabric. It is what it is. That is what is so special about them.
    It is best to see me at a quilt show if you can.
    Otherwise, I can be contacted thru my website.
    Thanks, everyone!!!!

  11. One of Tommy's chum took up quilting. Tommy really doesn't get it because she says she can't sew a button on--she's gonna your link to her chum--who says she loves to quilt!


    Ps. Your model in the pictures is great!