Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowy Saturday (Last Week)

Sometimes the weatherman gets it right...this was a big snowstorm! With between 15 and 20 inches of snow, possibly the most snow in December for this area ever (we tend to get our bigger storms in January and February).
It was so wonderful to be forced to not run around doing errands. I spent a fair amount of time cuddling the cats and catching up on friends' blogs. I also started the shoveling the back steps and path, front steps and sidewalk shovelled. The snow was so deep, it reached the top of my snowmobiling boots. I put my snowshoes on and clumped around the yard, knocking snow off the yew on the side of the house and the boxwoods in the front, to keep the heavy snow from breaking them.
The cedar tree in front decked out in snow.

The garden bench disappearing under the snow.

I had filled the bird feeder on Friday in anticipation of the storm. The birds fed throughout most of the snow, while the squirrels stayed tucked in their nests until it stopped snowing. Here's a cardinal adding a nice bit of color.

My little house buried in snow (on the right is the same cedar tree seen from the front steps in the first picture).
Sylvie staying cozy indoors.

Christmas cactus all ready for the holiday, blooming its head off oblivious to the snow outside.
Finally, i just had to share this with you...a magnificent sleigh ride behind a 26-year old Welsh pony! No, unfortunately i wasn't there, but a friend of Flora's posted this on a local email list. Doesn't this just resonate with your dreams of Christmas in the "olden days"?!


  1. This was the perfect weather for sewing or card making...bless your heart you had to shovel yourself out...darling you need to get a snowblower...

  2. It's a winter wonderland! How lovely!

  3. That was a lot of snow! I would be in awe till I had to shovel it! I need to send the sleigh ride to my friend that owns the worlds tallest horse. They do Holiday Light tours!