Wednesday, June 24, 2009

International Box Day

While i was away, i apparently missed International Box Day, during which cats all over the blogosphere posted adorable pictures of themselves in boxes. Milo and Alfie in England did a great post about themselves and boxes. My cats love boxes, too, so even though it's late, here's Fuzzy in the big nest box in the kitchen.

Because it took me so long to get going, what with the washing machine trials and tribulations and everything, Mary Ellen came to give the cats their first feed while i was still packing. She was willing to come back later but i told her to go ahead and feed everyone. It turned out really well...everyone was well fed and snoozing contentedly while i was carrying load after load of stuff out to the car.

Here's Louie, successfully pretending that i don't have a suitcase open on the bed.
Many more pictures and words to follow later!


  1. Hi Paula, Did you see my email?...I was sorry to miss the show, and plan to get there next year! Let's meet up for sure. Love your kitty pics. And look forward to seeing what you accomplished in VT!-KLR

  2. We hope you has a good trip and show!

  3. Hi Karen. Yes, thanks for the lovely email! I'm sorry that i didn't reply to it yet...but it reassured me that everything was o.k. with you and that i hadn't heard from you since you didn't have cell phone coverage. Cell phone coverage has gotten a lot better over the first shoe-sized cell phone could barely get a signal outside in Northfield and when i could get a signal, i had to pay roaming charges. This year in Burlington i was able to talk to my father as easily as phoning him across town. So maybe eventually your piece of earth will have cell phone reception too...but i'm sure it's actually nice to be off the grid for a while.

  4. Hi Angel and Kirby. Yes, had a really great trip and the quilt show was excellent. I have over 200 photos of quilts...might post a link to an album later instead of trying to pick the best one or two or 20 to show!

  5. At last no one sent you on your way after peeing in the open suitcase! Welcome back!

  6. I missed International Box Day, too. Darn! I call my cats "Jiffy" and "Cheez-it" because those are their favorite boxes to curl up in from Sam's Club.

  7. Hi Quiltcat!
    So happy to see you back and posting again!!
    Looking forward to your pictures!
    Kitties look content!

  8. Welcome back! Missed you and am looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your quilting vacation!

  9. Welcome back!

    We love the International Box Day photo of Fuzzy. The Woman says it could be Cliff in a box (if he didn't dislike boxes) :-)

    You look very calm, Louie, but you're clearly keeping an eye on things at the same time.

    Cliff and Olivia