Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Special privileges for Gingy

Gingy is a beautiful cat, and really nice...aside from the fact that she finds it necessary to mark most of the walls in the house and the floors in the basement and any number of my books that she's ruined...and has been known to bite fiercely...and is constantly provoking Sylvie (and has actually injured her several times). Even though she's not a lap cat at all, Gingy likes to be wherever i am and has a great purr.

All of my cats have been indoors-only ever since Louie's brother Pierre vanished without a trace 10 years ago. Louie (and Pierre) had strayed away from a neglectful owner on the next block and spent a lot of time outside before i adopted them; Fuzzy was left outside for days at a time by his neglectful owner and resorted to killing squirrels to get enough to eat; Sylvie loved climbing trees when she was still an indoor/outdoor kitty and usually manages to make a break for the outside at least once a year, usually on Hallowe'en. Gingy i think was allowed outside occasionally by her previous owner.

Louie and Fuzzy have very little interest in going outdoors; Sylvie would love to go outdoors but i'm not sure i could talk her into coming back in if Gingy were anywhere nearby; and then there's Gingy, who's been trying to talk me into letting her go outside. So the other day i let her out on the back steps for about 30 seconds, and she loved it. Then i scooped her up and brought her in.

Now of course she asks to go out everytime i'm near the door! It's funny how much she enjoys her special treat, and how she doesn't mind at all when i scoop her up moments later and carry her back inside.

Here she is rolling on the front porch on Sunday afternoon...happy cat!


  1. I so understand where you are coming from. I do let Milo out on his own, but only early in the morning (when I deem it safer) and when he's hungry. He never satys out more than half an hour because hunger gets the better of him.

    Both boys are allowed outside (snoopervised) in the courtyard because it has a high wall and a secure gate. We also take them out now and then on a harness (although neither like wearing one so it's a struggle to get them on).

    Alfe isn't allowed out yet unsnoopervised as I just can't bring myself to take the risk. He's way too skittish and I fear he may not look before he runs if he gets scared.

    Both Milo ad Alfie seem very happy little cats
    and they do have plenty of room to run about indoors as our home is rather large and rambling - so I try not to feel guilty.

    Milo and Alfie's Mom Jan.

  2. I won't let any of the cats out even while supervised for exactly this reason - I'm afraid I'd have to hear about it all the time! It's nice that Gingy likes it so much and is willing to come right back in.

    Dobby is the only one of our cats who I'd even think about letting out under supervision. Franklin has zero street-smarts (he sounds a lot like Alfie!). Fortunately Dobby is the only one who even shows any interest in going out. Tasha is a former feral and really dislikes the outdoors.

    (I'm really sorry about Pierre, too - it's so sad when that happens)

  3. That does look like a very happy cat!