Thursday, June 25, 2009

Newport, Rhode Island, part two

This is the side/back view of a house over on the next block from Wander Inn, my friend Karen's B&B. I was fascinated by the three huge chimneys, the many dormers, the cut stone walls...and the sprouting satellite dishes!
Karen really has a green thumb. This is one of her flower and herb plantings below the deck. I'm envious of the rich dark, sandy loam.
Here's a poppy and pansies in bloom...they've long since gone by in Virginia so it was nice to see them again.

These funny frogs playing checkers with ladybugs are among the frog sculptures up on the deck.
And this was my room...the gorgeous 4-poster bed just about fills the room. (The other rooms have larger beds. One even has a stepstool to help climb up into it.)

I really needed a kitty "fix" so was very happy when Karen let me into her apartment to spend some time with her baby, Figaro. Isn't he a cutie??? He has to spend all of his time up in Karen's apartment because she knows that some guests might be allergic to cats. He usually doesn't talk much but meowed loudly to let me know that he knew that i was on the other side of the door, and Petting Was Required Now! Of course i was delighted to oblige.

Monday night, Karen and i had dinner at Salvation Cafe, a wonderful funky restaurant in a non-touristy part of town. It used to be painted pink outside, now it's bright orange! The inside features a mish mash of folk art, Asian tapestries, 1950s photographs and artifacts, an ancient jukebox (just for looks), a tiki bar for outdoors eating and drinking, and delicious fusion cooking. I had a chickpea masala dish with fresh naan that was scrumptious and Karen had two appetizers--lobster and corn chowder, and "salvation calamari"...lightly battered and fried squid in a sweet/spicy vinaigrette with banana peppers and wasabi aioli. And for dessert we virtuously split an order of chocolate banana purses with vanilla/ginger ice cream. mmmmmmm

Tuesday night we had dinner at Siam Square, a Thai restaurant in nearby Middletown. The outside is's in a small strip mall...but the inside is lovely golden wood and fabulous food. Karen and i split one dish that featured stir-fried beef, pineapple, red peppers, mushrooms, macadamia nuts, fresh spinach, green onions, and slivers of young ginger...
And another called chicken penang that included chicken, snow peas, red peppers, hot green peppers, green beans, coconut milk, lemongrass...Thai hot and scumptious!

Speaking of food, i should have taken pictures of Karen's breakfasts, especially because she's won awards for them, but i didn't even think about it...too desperate for coffee and too busy eating, i guess! Tuesday morning's breakfast included strawberries Romanov and blueberry pancakes, while Wednesday morning's breakfast included a cute little apple dumpling followed by a summer quiche made with chopped brocoli and sweet red bell peppers, with watermelon and red grapes dressing the plate.

After breakfast on Wednesday i packed up and headed off to Vermont.


  1. Now I'm hungry that food sounded delicious!

    Milo and Alfie's Mom

    M&A send their purrs.

  2. Figaro is a beauty! Looks like good food, great room and fun with a friend

  3. I know that area sister Mary Sue lived in Middletown. Newport is lovely and the mansions are to die for gorgeous.

  4. Wow Paula! What a great trip you are having! Karen sounds like the perfect hostess - her breakfast sounds amazing! And Figaro is adorable - I bet it made all the difference for you to be able to have a cuddle! I love the dormer windows too, they are my favorite type of house-detail, as they are so exqisite and small - I alsways wonder what's behing them! (nosy!)

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I had to laugh when I read that you walked down to the post office! Ha!
    Food looks delish, and Figaro has a most interesting face!

  6. This looks like a wonderful place! I have been to Rhode Island but never to Newport - it's gorgeous. Karen's garden is beautiful (I'm also envious of her sandy loam!) and I'm glad you got to visit with the very handsome Figaro. I always need a cat fix when I'm away too.

    P.S. Thanks so much for the comments about the cat's quilt. Here's the original post, if you're interested. I made it from super-trendy fabrics on purpose :) (I usually like to mix things up more, but all these fabrics looked good together, and it will obviously be very dateable!)

  7. Oh noes. Your humans has been unfaithful with another cat. He looks kinda cool, though.


  8. Figaro is quite the handsome beastie! I feel like I've been to all these places, via your photos......but I've missed out on all the flavors! Ha!

  9. I very much enjoyed visiting Newport through your eyes...many many years ago, when I lived in Boston, I had the opportunity to go Newport to create little pen and ink drawings of many of the establishments around Newport for a tourist guide and I also illustrated a menu for the White Horse Tavern with little vingnettes inside the tavern. I was so happy that they fed me! I wonder if that is still there.

  10. Wandering Inn looks like a great B&B! Bill and I often stay in places like this when we travel - most recently B&B on the Park, in Park Slope Brooklyn. Love the garden and little frogs on the deck, but especially, of course, Figaro. What a cutie, and good that you were able to have a feline friend to satisfy your furry needs!
    Thank you for all your comments on my blog, Paula. So nice to have you back and blogging!