Monday, June 1, 2009

Cards, Cats, Quilting

Up first are two cards that i made a little bit ago but didn't post because i was afraid the people who they were for would see them on the it's so long past their birthdays (groan, how does that happen?!) that they won't know these cards are for them!

You can see that i used a lot of the same elements in both cards but they came out quite different since for background one has a piece of decorative paper and the other has cardstock (run through the Big Shot on texture plates).

Louie says "isn't it time for dinner yet, mom? you've been on the computer too long!"

Gingy scratching under her chin with a back foot:

Saturday after going to the Farmer's Market i walked up the street to my local quilt shop, looking for thread for the class project i'll be doing at the Vermont Quilt Festival. I didn't find the thread that i needed, but i did find some great fabrics and a pattern for the "mini charmer" purse by Quilts Illustrated, the same company that published the "charm party" tote i made a while ago. I fleshed out my new purchases with fabrics from my stash, including a great purple cat print that's probably every bit of 15 years old! It was too wet to mow or weed on Saturday, so i spent much of Saturday afternoon and evening sewing. (Then it poured at about 4 a.m. on Sunday, right about when Friday's rain would have dried up.)

Sunday I had a strategy-planning brunch with some members of my Congregation. When i got home i quickly changed my clothes and got the mowing done, then returned to the sewing room...and finished the purse! Here's Gingy modeling the front:

And here's the back. It was sooooo much fun playing with color and texture again! Now i have to return to some of my UFOs (unfinished objects) or WIPs (works in progress).


  1. That is a neat project. I am about to make some small purses, too. I will hijack Angel and Kirby's blog to show them off!

  2. O-o-o-0, I love the combined fabrics in your purse! Great combination! And the birthday cards are so sweet and whimsical - love that cat!! And, of course, Louie and Gingy add charm to any post!

  3. Wow you wasted no time in getting that bag done, gotta say it's actually like it better then the one in the store...jeeze louise guess I'll need to get another sample done.

  4. Enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful creations!
    Gingy looks great with the purse, so beautiful!

  5. Great photos of the cards and the kitties, and of course, the bag! You picked some really beautiful fabrics for the bag (I love the kitty print!) - and I'm in awe of your topstitching skills :)

  6. this is a knock your socks off kind of post!

  7. Ooo, this purse is sooo pretty. You did a very nice job on this.
    Love your cards. Of course they will have cats on them! They are so original, though, and so pretty.

  8. Hi Paula! Enjoyed looking at your cards very much - they are fantastic! Great to see those precious kitkats again, it feels like I haven't been on here for ages..... Hope you're all well x

  9. paws up! looks good to mes!