Monday, August 31, 2009

Do You Want to Win a Gorgeous Quilt?

Hurry on over to Kellie's blog "Don't Look Now" for a chance to win this spectacular quilt.
Can you believe she's actually going to give something this beautiful away??

I'll be doing a much smaller giveaway honor of my birthday, i'll be giving away a prototype of the cat mats i hope to sell at a holiday craft fair in November. All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me why your cat would like a cat mat (a homemade version of the beloved Boogie Mats...i'll post a picture later this evening). The comment period will close on Thursday, September 3 and then i'll get the cats (or a random number generator *g*) to pick a winner.
Front of mat, in print to compliment the coat of any kitty!
Back of mat, with envelope-type opening so catnip can be inserted in the back. The next one that i make, i'll try setting in a zipper.


  1. Paula,
    Henry would be so happy to have a mat that would set off his lovely ginger fur. And how sweet of you to offer a giveaway in honor of your b-day!

  2. We would love a mat that had the smell of Loui and Fuzzy and Gingie and Sylvie on it!

    What a lovely thing to do for your birthday! Happy Birthday!

    PS: It's Alfie Marshall's birthday today!

  3. Hi Paula!
    Thanks for dropping by the 'Rabbits and saying Hi! Wow, it's tiring doing all that driving, I can tell you! The trouble is, we live in such a huge county, that travelling by bus just isn't an option, sadly. I need to get a Fred Flintstone-powered car, haha!
    What a beautiful quilt Kellie is giving away - I can't believe it!
    When is the kitty comment starting Paula - I'd like to have a go at it!

  4. We would love a mat made especially fir Tuxies!

  5. Well, Kristy tells me that she would just love a cat mat! After all, she is a princess and would use it as a throne!
    Happy birthday, Paula! What a nice thing to do! I may follow suit on my own b-day in October!

  6. That is a wonderful idea to honour your birthday and your talent. We would love a mat like this because we love to sleep on comfy surfaces. Plus, a handmade Paula quilt cat mat would be even more treasurable than any purchable mat. And the back design is just made for Cats with a Garden! ; )
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  7. Wow. The intricate work in the quilt is incredible! Mom is in awe!

  8. We would love to have a chance to win the cat mat because our mom can't make quilts fast enough for us! And Franklin couldn't break the zipper on this one :). Plus our mom says she would like to have something that you made.

    Kellie's quilt is truly amazing!

  9. Bacon says 'I would like to win the mat because I am very cute and sweet and I would look very nice on it'.
    Liz says 'It would be amazing to have something made by Paula in my house - I would probably steal it and not allow scroffy kittens anywhere near it!'

  10. I know a cat who would like that cat mat - great to have discovered your blog!

    Pomona x

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! My sister has a very sweet fluffy black and white cat called Dolly - she is a very self-possessed little person - and I had her in mind! She was originally called Olly because they thought she was a boy, and even the vet didn't get it right at the first visit - so when they realized, her name was changed to Dolly!

    Pomona x

  12. beautiful...Ellie May would love to sit on the mat while she sits on Nan's lap as she paints!

  13. I asked cliff and oliver about the mat that they had and they told me to come here to see it. My Mom can no longer sew because of medical reasons, so she is always looking for new and soft things for me to sleep on. She thought you sold the things that you make. I am happy with her old bathrobe and my bouncy balls, so I am fine. Thought I would comment while I am here to tell you that you make really beautiful things.