Wednesday, August 12, 2009


When i get into bed at night, if Fuzzy's not already sleeping on my pillow he comes into the bedroom, hops up on the bed, walks up on the pillow behind my head and settles in, kneading my hair and purring in my ear. (Eventually he moves over to the other pillow to sleep, often with his backside parked on my shoulder.) It was a bit tricky pointing the camera at ourselves in the dark and getting a decent picture, but i got a few fairly good ones.
Louie always sleeps between my he is with his head pillowed on my right knee....awake because somebody's taking pictures!


  1. Those are good pictures. i miss cuddly kitties. Mine sleep on the bed but not cuddled up to me

  2. These guys are so adorable! Our former kitty, Fletcher, used to insist on sleeping between our pillows every night. Dobby sleeps next to my husband every night now it took him about six months to figure out that it was OK, and now he won't budge!

  3. That looks so nice. I usually sleep on a pillow between the Humans and I love to sleep very close, just like you, Fuzzy.