Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sylvie's Turn

Sylvie is a very opinionated and feisty little girl cat. Unfortunately, since Gingy came to live with us, she hasn't been able to spend as much time with me as she used to, because if Gingy is nearby, Sylvie gives her a wide berth or growls and hisses at her. Sylvie now cautiously checks to make sure Gingy's not around or asleep before she starts cruisin' the house, and if she hears Gingy's bell (i generally don't like bells on cats, but Gingy came with one on her collar and it seemed like a fair warning to the other cats to keep it), she dashes for the kitchen chair that's her sanctuary.
Here Sylvie's sitting on the file box they all like to sit on before hopping up onto my lap...looking very sweet but actually she sank her claws into my thigh moments later "just stretching!"


  1. We are also very familiar with hisses and wide berths here this week! Mom use to keep collars on us when we went outside to give the birdies and squirrels fair warning, but we figured out how to take them off in no time! We do not go outside anymore because of Menace Cat and the neighbors dogs that keep escaping from their fenced yard. Mom says better safe, than sorry.

  2. Sylvie is very sweet. Hopefully she and Gingy will eventually be comfortable with each other.

  3. Oh Sylvie is a cutie! I would love to get another cat but my Lucy would hate it, she hates all cats and only use to put up with Bob because he was here first!

  4. Sylvie is beautiful! I really love gray tabbies.

    And we are nervous about adopting another female for just this reason (We are committed to taking my MIL's female cat when/if she can't care for her) It seems to be much harder to introduce two females than a female-male or two males.