Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cat Sleeping Styles

Last week, Goldie and Banshee over at Sumac Stories wrote
about their preferences for sprawled versus curled or cluttered sleeping. This evening i was experimenting with the card reader on the front of my computer...finally got it to work!...and found some great pictures from fall/winter 2006-2007 of my cats' assorted sleeping styles.

Here Gingy is curled very small onto one of the cardboard trays, while Louie is sprawled on a flattened one:

And shortly thereafter, Louie reallly sprawled:

However, Louie can do the curl, too. Here he and Sylvie both demonstrate the pillbug sleeping position (note the carefully sculpted edges on the boxes):

Not to leave Fuzzy out, here he and Louie do a modified curled snuggle (on my pillow, of course):

Time to go off and snuggle a kitty or two!


  1. Heehee! I love it - it's like an instruction manual for kitty sleeping positions! Yes, ours do all those too, the best one is when we go up to say hello to a sleepy kitten Bacon, and he sorta squeaks, and rolls over so he upsidedown! I love that one!

  2. Cats are so funny! Kristy loves to be UNDER something - blanket, bedspread, piece of fabric, afghan. Check out seriouslyamused.blogspot.com for a good sleeping cat quote!

  3. Oh, holy crap! They are weird little creatures, aren't they? I adore their weirdness of course.

    We teach a class to new cat owners called "Stuff Theory 101". It breaks down the need cats have for immediately sitting on anything new that enters the living quarters. My husband teaches it. I should get it online.

  4. Mom said: How adorable!

    Milo and Alfie said: We're off to try some different sleeping positions out, 'cos you've inspired us.

    Mom said: I'll get the camera!

  5. Nice to find pictures you didn't know you had! We eithre tuck or curl when we sleep.

  6. It's rather wonderful that others are taking up this theme and exploring it! We love to see the various positions our friends adopt to relax. At this end, Tom is a mega-sprawler and Tama-Chan is a "curler." Sen-Chan used to be a sprawler too. For now, "Sir" is a snuggler...

  7. I think that we kitties just know what is comfy. I like to try out new positions all of the time!

  8. My RocketMan used to love any container. My blog title should give you a chuckle or two.