Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitty Amusements

This is my next door neighbor's young cat "Oreo" pretending to be invisible while watching the birdfeeder.
A Gingy-in-the-box.
A Gingy-in-the-basket.
This is Louie last night. He was being a real wild man, attacking the handle on the basket, clawing at the basket, and then galumphing off like a THoE (thundering herd of elephants) to attack the scratching post in the bedroom. You can see his wonderful variety of pink, black, and bi-colored paw pads (in addition to the tempting tummy).


  1. Why do you say "pretending to be invisible"? We don't see any cat!
    Mom says she needs to snorgle a tummy and rub some floof... NOW!

  2. Such cute toes! Gingy looks cute in her box and basket.

  3. So that's what I look like out in the wilds.

    Not too good with the "blending in".

    Purrs Shade

  4. Karmen lies on the floor like that to have her tummy tickled - most unlady like :) Judith

  5. Adorable pics of gingy - Mom said she would find his tummy too irresistable to tickle!

  6. Psst, Milo, that's Louie! and your Mom would be more than welcome to tickle his tummy...Louie loves tummy rubs!

  7. Your neighbor is doing a good job! And Louie sounds like he would fit right in here. We love to do the THoE.

  8. Oh Louie! What a tummy!
    Watch out, my Mommy wants to rub it!