Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Tough Day Telecommuting

Fuzzy: Mom, what's with the camera?
Please resume providing a pillow for my head with your hand!thank you!

Later that day, Louie and Fuzzy indulged in a little double-decker napping. The picture was cuter about one second earlier before Louie picked up his head to see what i was up to...but was too sleepy to open his eyes.
It was a more interrupted telecommuting day for me than usual...i had a dentist appointment at 8:30 to have a cavity in one of my molars filled and then at 11:30 our women's lunch and learn group met at a local restaurant. The idea is for them to meet on Friday so that i can join them but i can really only stay an hour before i have to go back to work. Last time that plan was foiled because it was the first meeting and we had so much to talk about... Luckily i didn't have any teleconferences scheduled so i just made up the time at the end of the day. This time...this time there were 9 of us, we all ordered fairly simple things off the menu...and an hour later the food hadn't come yet! If they had so much trouble getting our food out in an almost empty restaurant, i wonder how they handle a busy dinner hour?!


  1. Fuzzy and Louie are great looking kitties. We are partial to tuxies!

  2. Some sweet tuxie snuggle! The dentist is never fun, ouch!

  3. Can you tell us about "lunch and learn"?