Sunday, May 17, 2009

I need to bring one of my cats to work!

I returned to the office on Thursday, my first day back in the office after a week. Late in the morning, i opened my desk drawer to get a square of chocolate, and what should i find but this:
Some little rodent(s) had throughly nibbled a big chunk out of my chocolate bar! (Chocolove's dark chocolate with candied ginger, by the way.) I pulled all the rest of the stuff out of the front were plastic bags, toothbrush, toothpaste, and in the back were lots of files and there was mousie poo everywhere, plus shreds of plastic bag and kleenex package, where they seemed to be thinking about making a nest.
I told our secretary, who after nearly fainting in fear and disgust, called Facilities. The custodian was impressed with the chocolate and said he was going to get some like that; his supervisor said that strangely almost all of the rodent calls in our building are about mice and chocolate! (I didn't remind her about the rats in the parking garage....) They vacuumed out the drawer, spritzed it with disinfectant, and set some sticky traps baited with the remains of the chocolate (poor mousies...). Now i know why that drawer has always had a peculiar aroma...i had thought it was because the previous occupant of the desk must have kept their gym shoes in that drawer, but i think it's had a long time mouse occupancy.


  1. Oh my! Chilli is right on her way!

  2. That chocolate is one of my favorite too!

  3. Let's hope the office doesn't ban chocolate as "almost all of the rodent calls in our building are about mice and chocolate!" -'cos that would be drastic. Our Mom loves chocolate and we know how she'd feel if it was banned.