Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring's Progress

It went from 48 degrees last Thursday a.m. to 94 degrees last Sunday afternoon! The viburnum is finished blooming, many of the trees are now fully leafed out, the early tulips are done and mid-season tulips are beginning...and the dogwoods are in full glory of bloom.

My calycanthus is in bloom and the heat Sunday afternoon released its wonderful fragrance. It's got a lot of common names "sweetshrub," "Carolina allspice," "strawberry bush" that all reflect how spicy/sweet it smells.
All of my peonies went from tiny spikes to lots of greens...and flower buds! This red peony is always the first of mine to bloom, and depending on the weather, might begin blooming this week (although it's chilly again!).
Gingy discovered a new, small box in the living room and took it over.
Louie was playfully attacking my big African basket.
And Sylvie took over the nest box in the kitchen...lots more room around her than when Fuzzy's in that box.


  1. Pretty flowers! Cozy cats. Have a good weekend!

  2. Gorgeous blooms!! Our snowdrops are the only thing peaking through but the dafs are close behind!

    Glad to see the felines are finding some cozy Spring nests!

  3. It's spring in full bloom here too, but not 94 degrees, thank goodness. We have lots of rain and wind.
    My cats love these boxes too, and when we came home from Sam's Club a week or so ago, I turned one of those that has one side cut out over the top of one of these trays. So now they have a sort of makeshift cage and rival for the use of it.

  4. Your kitties are very happy to have you back at home...

  5. Spring is the best! All the little green things are so beautiful and growing fast.