Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring's progress and telecommuting, May 8

Stella d'Oro day lilies and variegated iris

My earliest peony, a gorgeous red, starting to show color.

A tiny chartreuse-green hosta. I thought this was called "Capitan" but all the pictures on the internet of "Capitan" are something completely different.

A large, strong, variegated hosta. Just bought it last year so it's still in a pot. I think it will be huge once it's established. Of course i can't remember its name.
Dame's Rocket. A non-native wildflower that fills the back of my yard with color. Unfortunately it's said to be an invasive alien plant.
Rain-drop speckled lilies of the tiny and so fragrant. I haven't had any success planting them...these plants spread over from next door and of course are thriving!

Dear Louie snuggling while i telecommute.
Gingy wants up, but Louie's well ensconced on my lap.
Now Fuzzy's on my lap and Gingy wants up!
On Saturday (May 9) was my congregation's first Bar Mitzvah in five years. This is the card i made for the congregation's gift to the young man.

And this is the card i made for my gift to him. (The stamp set with the truck in it is really comes with all sorts of accessories including a boy driver and a girl driver and trees, hearts, dogs, and eggs for the cargo! The bar mitzvah gift stamp is from another stamp set.)


  1. It must have been nice to catch up with your garden after being away. And please tell Gingy that she could hop up in my lap...

  2. We are in awe of your knowledge of plants - it's pawsome! Mom said her lap is free for Gingy anytime (or the others). We love the cards you made.

    Milo and Alfie xxx

  3. Hi Karen and Milo & Alfie's mom. It's very nice of you to offer your lap to Gingy! The funny thing is that she's not a lap cat, at least not yet...she will be 13 this month, and it will be her 4th adoption anniversary around July 4th. What she likes to do now is hop from the box she's sitting on in the picture, up onto my lap momentarily, on her way to the computer desk, where she struts back and forth, purring loudly and waving her tail, before climbing across the detritus on the desk to one of her box nests.

  4. Some very nice plants - and cats too ;-)

    The Man says he's going to get hostas as well. But not this season - there's too much to do.

  5. Pretty flowers. It looks like you don't have enough lap for your kitties. Nice cards.