Monday, May 25, 2009

Telecommuting, Friday May 22

Furzzy says it's o.k. for Gingy to take over the desk top, he's going to see if he can fit on the bookshelf on the side.

Sylvie snoozing in the hammock nest in the study window. (The sun was shining through her ears but i wasn't able to catch it since the camera filled in with flash.)

A very rare instance of Gingy and Fuzzy being close...Gingy eating her dry food and Fuzzy eating a special treat of some other dry food.

Louie telecommuting with great concentration!


  1. Funny how food can bring harmony and unite!

  2. wow sylvie looks so comfy on that hammock...maybe monkey should get something like that! i love that pose too...

  3. Lovely pics! The hammock is nice - we haff one too, it hangs off the radiator so it's delishusly warm in cold wevver.