Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cool Weather = Snuggly Kitties

It's really funny, as the temperature outside (and inside) drops, the cats adopt some new favorite places to nap.

First, Louie has returned to my lap. I never notice him avoiding me during the summer, but i suddenly notice in the fall that he spends a lot more time snuggling with me! Here he is helping me proofread a document.

Fuzzy is spending more time tucked into the bookshelf on the desk after he finishes snuggling with me at the computer. (The desk is 30" across and as you can see, Fuzzy just barely fits...that's a long kitty!)
Sylvie has been reclaiming the boogie mat, and also the couch, when she knows Gingy's tucked away somewhere else (sorry that the picture is blurry and her eyes look weird...took the camera with flash and it was too dark for me to focus well).

Here's Louie and Fuzzy at the start of a little friendly whapping. It looks like Louie's starting this round, but he'll never win...Fuzzy's arms are longer than his, so he's kept at arm's length.

Gingy absolutely adores these Priority Mail boxes to sit on or to lay on or to push around and claw at and try to crawl into!

I had to take Fuzzy to the vet last Friday when his sneezles seemed to be turning into an upper respiratory infection (he's on Baytril and seems to be doing much better). Ever since then, Gingy has been very interested in nesting in the cat carrier.


  1. It is funny to find their new hiding and napping places. I had a piece of wool blanket left over from making my big ironing board and I stuffed in in a box. Angel has take nup residence in it!

  2. We always approve of snuggles!

    We hope that Fuzzy is all better soon!

  3. the cool weather has found Izzy-B curling up at bedtime and not moving off my legs all night.

  4. Yes ... my cats too , they get so cuddly when the weather changes.
    Your cats are funny ... they all do such different things !
    and I read your post about snow
    That's what I love about snow too > the silence .

  5. It is nice to switch things up once in awhile! Purrs out to Fuzzy!!!!

  6. Your kitties are so cute and funny, each finding his or her own custom chosen hangout! Kristy spends a lot of time on the floor of my studio closet where I have placed a folded fleece remnant. And, of course, on her cat mat made by You!

  7. Its interesting to see which places around the house are popular with the cats. In cold weather, its the table by the south-facing window, or the rug by the propane fireplace. At night they shuffle for the best spots on the bed and sometimes there are grumblings and hissings of "that's my spot, I was there first!"

  8. Yep, colder weather equals snugglier kitties. That must be the same all over the world. Great pictures of all four of you! Fuzzy, we hope you're already feeling better. Purrs your way!