Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Festivals

The month of September just flew by! I went to a women's spiritual retreat in preparation for the Jewish High Holidays, which was really wonderful. The peaceful spiritual feeling didn't last very long, though, when faced with the logistical difficulties of setting up a borrowed space for services, making sure there was enough food for the potluck dinner, cleaning up afterwards, etc.

The wonderful Red Truck Bakery graciously consented to make challah for Rosh Hashanah, and then even more graciously consented to make the loaves round when told that that was traditional for this holiday. We had a couple of loaves leftover after the Saturday morning service, so i brought them home to put in my freezer 'til the following week.

Gingy as some of you might know belonged to our previous part-time Rabbi and she's sometimes referred to as "The Rabbi's Cat." Her upbringing certainly came to light...i had set my market basket on the floor with the two loaves of challah in it side by side, one in a plastic bag, the other in plastic wrap. Gingy savaged the whole end of one loaf when i temporarily went to another was the superb Red Truck challah that she nommed, not the fine-but-not-nearly-as-good grocery store one.

Practically as soon as the High Holidays were over came the holiday of Sukkot, which is a harvest festival and also recalls when the Israelites were wandering in the desert for 40 years and living in temporary shelters. I had my own personal harvest to celebrate...harvested my first tomato! I didn't get the plants in the ground until Memorial Day, the woodchucks or squirrels made off with the first couple of minimally ripe tomatoes, the plants struggled with too much rain in June and none in July, they are growing in my garden spot that over the years has gotten more and more shaded by the trees so they don't get as much sun as they really need, etc. etc.
The tomatoes aren't as redolent as mid-summer tomatoes, but i figured i'd better bring them in before we have a frost.

Here's a few tomatoes on the second plant that will probably end up as fried green tomatoes.


  1. Yay to the first tomato! When seeing the crazy produce other gardeners achieve mom mom fell silly sometimes. We only had one squash from a squash plant and it was horrible! It's good to see you're with us. ; )
    Gingy has a supreme taste, the Rabbi raised her well!

  2. So glad you avoided the late blight! And I guess that Gingy cat has good taste?

  3. Gingy knows good food when he smells it! My Mom looked for green tomatoes for weeks so they could make Fried Green Tomatoes.

  4. yes, but you still have tomatoes. I finally got hit by late blight, so the last tomatoes were back in mid-September....Planting real late was away to avoid that, smart girl!

    Smart cat too...


  5. Challah bread is my favorite bread to make. I haven't done so since last winter...I think your post just gave me the motivation I needed to make some!