Monday, October 19, 2009

Sewing Projects and the Miracle of the Internet

My sister's birthday is the first week in October, so i made her this tote bag, modeled by Louie. (Her cat Stanley was *extremely* interested in sniffing the bag when it arrived.) I also sent her a copy of Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper...i love that book so much, i'm sharing it with all of my cat-loving friends!

And here's the card i made for her (all Stampin' Up! except for the package stamp), which of course includes my favorite Stampin' Up! cat stamp. Can you guess that she likes cats, flowers, and the color blue?!

My quilt group is participating in the Holiday House craft fair at Sky Meadows State Park at the end of November and we're all busily making items for sale. I found a nice pattern for lavender sachets in The Impatient Patchworker, which my friend Karen recommended.

I made a prototype sachet--from this book that i ordered on the internet that i learned about from a friend on the internet--to give to another friend from the internet!

First here's the sachet front and back. I needed a "neutral" background in a hurry for this picture and grabbed the closest thing at hand, a copy of the (soon to be late, lamented) Gourmet magazine.

And here's my friend Annabell, visiting from Australia, for whom i made the sachet. I met her through an online quilt group quite a few years ago. Since the end of August, she and her husband have been traveling across the United States, for the most part staying with friends from that same quilting group. Almost none of us has met in person before, but through the wonder of the internet, we've become close friends. Here she's showing her hostess (yet another friend from the internet) and me the quilt she made for her 50th wedding anniversary. Each star has the signature of their four children, nine grandchildren, and numerous other friends and relations. It was so much fun meeting this lovely couple in person!


  1. You have been very busy! That is a neat bag. It is wonderful that you have met your internet quilting friends. That is a wonderful anniversary quilt!

  2. Cool quilt
    I heard about the mag closing
    Nice bag you made

    Interesting blog today ...

  3. It is lovely making new friends via the internet. You can connect with people who like the same things as you, and that Golden Wedding Quilt is a lovely idea too!

  4. Looks like you have been so busy! Love the tote bag and little kitty on it! Actually, I love everything that you made. That's great that you were able to meet an internet friend..her quilt is wonderful!

  5. Yoo certainly have kept yoorself busy. We thik yoor cards are really special too ~ we still have the lovely one yoo sent us ~ we treasure it.

  6. That sounds wonderful!
    We are very proud to have that sweet kitty on a card too. You were right with your suspicion about our long blog break: Mom had a mini nervous breakdown last week and we had to sit on her and purr her through it. We have her stable again, but it seems she got a gastritis now...

  7. Oh, Chilli and Siena, please take extra good care of your Mom! we are so sorry to hear that she was and still is unwell! Make sure she gets plenty of liquids to drink...and do fill her full of your sweet purrs.

  8. you have been busy! Love to see what you've been up to!