Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Snow in the Mountains

There is something so beautiful about snow. I think partly it's the way that it blankets everything, hiding all the imperfections like mud and unfinished garden chores, and revealing new shapes and silhouettes. And often when it's snowing a hush falls over everything, as little birds and animals hunker down for shelter and the sounds of car tires are muffled by the blanketing whiteness.

I love snow, but here in northern Virginia we mostly get that dreaded "frozen mix" which is neither snow nor rain...and is dreadful for commuters to drive in. This weekend, the cats and i hunkered down because it was raw and rainy. I visited my friends at the Farmers Market, bought a gyro sandwich in town, and did the grocery shopping...but otherwise i stayed indoors mostly at the sewing machine.

Meanwhile, little more than 35 miles away in the Blue Ridge mountains, the cold rain turned to big flakes of snow and my friend Joy captured this wonderful scene on her way to work along Skyline Drive.



  1. We get that dreaded frozen mix or just plain sleet (frozen rain) here in Texas, too. When we get snow, it is so little that do not get to see the beauty in it!

  2. Frozen rain is so terribly dangerous. Please make sure your car is very well equipped with good tires, we don't want anything to happen to you. That's a truly wonderful picture your friend captured.

  3. I love that photo! My family got snow in NY also...I was very jealous

  4. It's raining here too, but snow is a long way away...

    That photo is just wonderful!

  5. We had a cold rainy Saturday here in Maine...
    Oh, that photo is so beautiful!