Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eat Locally but...

I'm really very much in favor of the "local food movement" food that's produced locally, so i'm supporting my local farmers and not buying food that's been shipped across the country or around the world, out of season, and consuming oodles of fuel in transportation costs. On the other hand...there are some gems of local goods that ship well, and need to be sold to a larger market than is available locally. Someone on the local e-bulletin board posted a link to this cool article in the NY Times about "thrifty treats" to mail order. I'm so pleased that Red Truck Bakery ( is included, because he's a local baker who makes wonderful stuff, including some of the world's best challah. I think it's funny that they mention his stollen, because i stopped off at e-Cow on Sunday night on the way home from a concert at Loren Maazel's beautiful place out (waaaaay out) in the country ...and they carry a lot of Red Truck Bakery's goodies, but were out of almost everything, except one stollen. So i stole it...*g*, i bought it. And it's delicious!


  1. Mmmmh, Stollen! That reminded our mom that she didn't have any so far. But you have to find a good bakery to make the experience the best, that's so true...

  2. Testing, testing - my posts aren't showing up!

  3. Oooh how weird, Kewcee, I have written several comments, but they kept disappearing.... I'm signed in and everything, oddsky.
    The exciting, nail-biting conclusion to 'Santa comes to Fluffville' will be posted later on this week - just in time for Christmas! Stay Tooned!! Hope you're well.

  4. Well this is actually a comment on Sunday's post but the comments appear to be turned off -Blogger is being a ratbag today I think

    Louie and Fuzzy look utterly blissful there on the pillow. If only every day for humans could be so sweet.

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. Hi Buskitten! I'm not sure why your posts weren't showing up...i've sometimes had to refresh my monitor several times for posts to show. I'll be eager to see the conclusion to the Santa comes to Fluffville saga!

    Hi Whicky. The problem you had was my fault...keep forgetting to turn comments on when i create a new post! I read the story of your brothers Tabbus Tabbus and Oliver and cried and cried...Louie and Fuzzy are similar very good friends.