Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter Sunshine Kitty

Gingy on the low bookcase under the living room window, basking in the winter sun. Yes, that's a Christmas cactus on her's been blooming since just before Thanksgiving and will probably keep blooming through February. And yes, that's a box of Chanukah candles. No, i'm not well organized in advance of Chanukah...they're left over from last year...doesn't make sense to put them away now, does it?


  1. Hi quiltcat,
    oh, that warm sun looks so inviting on a cold winter day. We had our first light snow today...was very beautiful. Am trying to get reorganized after this whirlwind weekend...was the Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport. Wow, am I ever tired. Will tell you more about it soon.

  2. That's a lovely shot of Gingy in the sun, his fur is glowing with sunlight!


  3. What a gorgeous shot there! Cats do know how to look utterly luscious in the beams!

    Goldie,Shade and Banshee

  4. Greetings!
    What a beautiful photograph of Gingy. Winter sunshine is the best, isn't it? I love this time of year - the chance to make the house extra warm and cosy, with log fires, mulled wine and good, home-mad dinners....
    Put our christmas tree up last night, and it looks so pretty! The cats think it is a giant toy just for them to destroy, so alas, my attemps at 'Homes and Gardens' decorating are all in vain!

  5. Oh Paula, I forgot to say - when I make my fortune as an illustrator (hahahahahahahahahah!) I will pay you handsomely for the 'rights' to Fluffville!!

  6. What a nice rack with the perfect free space for a floofy one to enjoy the sun on it!

  7. Dear Louie, My ear was very mangled from being a fighty, feral tomcat. The vet untangled it a bit, but it will always be rather folded over. Yes, some of it got trimmed away too. I think it gives me character! Thank you for asking.
    Special nose kiss to Sylvie!

    Whicky Wuudler

  8. Funny, last night i couldn't put a comment on my own blog!

    Thanks everybody for stopping by!

  9. Hi Kewcee,
    Hey, the little box-thing for us to leave a comment isn't there on your most recent post?!
    I agree with you about the food thing - I try and grow as much as I can myself, and in the main, it works! It's fantastic to eat your own potatoes and carrots etc, yum! I have a nice dindins in the oven now - roast potatoes and parsnips, mmmmmmmmmm!
    Oh, I forgot to tell you yesterday, the animals that live in Fluffville are called 'Fluffballs'. I was going to call them 'Furballs', but being a cat owner (sorry - owned by cats!) decided it was gross!
    Keep warm over there!

  10. Drats, Liz, another "user error"...once again i forgot to check the correct box when i created that post. I need to see if i can change the default so that i don't have to remember each time to select "allow comments." 'Cause obviously i love to get comments!
    Roast potatoes and "parsnoops" sounds delicious for dindin! Hilarious about the Fluffballs''re right, Furballs just wouldn't sound right to us cat-affiliated purrsons *g*.

  11. Hi Quiltcat and Liz,
    We have boxes of potatoes that Dave harvested a few days ago just before the freezing weather came ( though today it warmed up). We put them in the part of the house that is not insulated and some of them froze...oh no! Now they are thawing and condensing...I think I will have an awful lot of potatoes to cook all at once for we don't want them to rot. Liz's dinners sound so delicious! I could go for that right now, how I wish someone could cook for me so I can keep on painting. I have some commissions to finish and now I'm a bit panicked!
    I think it will return to cold weather tomorrow.