Sunday, December 14, 2008

Louie's turn to telecommute

Louie has a very different snuggling style than Fuzzy's. He lies on my lap on his side or on his back, sticks his face into my chest, and purrs and kneads. I usually need to keep both arms around him to keep him from falling off my lap. Here i've taken my right arm from around him to take his picture, and you can see that he becomes totally boneless when he relaxes.

Later, he hopped down, and this is where i found him and Fuzzy...double decker cats sharing my pillow and each other's company. Can you see the beatific smile on Louie's face?


  1. hi quiltcat,
    those are very sweet cats... they make me want to take a nap!
    I love the way Louie stretches out, so very relaxed on your lap at the computer. Polly does a similar thing when Dave is working on his laptop. She loves the hum of the hard drive and falls asleep with her head resting on the edge of the laptop.

  2. Hello Georgous Pussycats!
    Cueecy, I have put a bigger version of 'Santa Comes to Fluffville' (Part One) up on the bloggity-blog so you can read it!

  3. Permission to rub granted! ; )
    The boys look very happy together...

  4. ...dashing right over to give Siena a tummy rub on her lovely floofiness. Yes, Louie and Fuzzy really enjoy each other's company very much.