Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A new cat nest box

I unpacked the stuff from Sunday's party and meant to move the empty box (which 2/5 of a bushel of wonderful tangerines from Florida came in) down to the basement where i would save it to replace the kitchen nest box. That box has the misfortune of being against a wall that Gingy keeps spraying, so the box bottom gets soggy. I try to spray with a neutralizer but i'm not winning the battle against odor and sogginess. Anyhow...the tangerine box didn't get to make it into storage because Gingy has taken it over as a favorite nest, and she and Fuzzy are comfortable enough together (which is a big milestone for both of them) to cuddle up in adjacent nests.


  1. ANY new box is the favourite nest. That's the rule. Isn't it great: Cats are so easy to please!!!

  2. My cats have the same nest-boxes. They seem to like them better than anthing I can buy them, so I just get new ones at the local supermarket.
    I saw your comment on My Croft regarding her postal crises. Glad to meet a fellow postalier.

  3. Hi Chilli and Siena...yes, it's wonderful that kitties are so easy to please! the less expensive the gift is, the better they seeme to like it! Hi Katie Jane, thanks for stopping by! I've never thought to pick up fresh boxes from the grocery store...that's a great idea! Very nice indeed to meet a fellow postalier (love that term!).