Friday, December 19, 2008

"Puppus doggus" quilt

Each year my quilt group has its annual holiday party around this time, each year we draw someone's name for "Secret Santa," each year i make something, and almost every year, it's not quite done on time for the party. This year was no different than any other year!

I drew Jeanne's name. She's currently the president of the quilt group, and loves dogs. She also loves batiks, and bright colors, and blues, greens, and purples. I immediately thought of Ami Simms' "puppus doggus" block that supposedly was designed by Daisy, a Leader Dog puppy raised by Ami, an internationally known quilter, author, and teacher.
Here's Gingy making sure the sewing machine is set up properly.

Here's the first block in progress. I made each of the four dogs from four different blue and white batiks, with the same purple fabric for noses and the same blue fabric (with hearts) for the tongues. For the background, i used a gorgeous purple batik with border print. Ami uses a modified fusible machine applique technique, where the seam allowances are turned under and pressed into place on the fusible, then stitched down with topstitching around the edges.
Here's Louie helping me do the layout on the second block.

Sylvie had to get in the act, too! Here the four dog blocks are all completed and sewn together, and the button eyes sewn on. I didn't buy anything special for this project...everything in it comes from my stash! Next step is the border.
I don't have a picture of the finished quilt yet, because it's not quite finished, but it's very's machine quilted, with the binding 3/4 sewn on. So i have to finish sewing on the binding, stitch down the sleeve (on the back, which will enable Jeanne to hang the quilt on a wall without having to stick pins in it) and add a label.
At the quilting party, gifts are wrapped with only the recipient's name on them. We open the gifts one at a time, so everyone can enjoy each person's gift. Jeanne started laughing hysterically as soon as she opened the box, because on top of the tissue paper inside was a note that read "Uh oh, it's an IOU!" She KNEW it had to be from me. And she did love it. So now i've got it back to do the quick finishing touches.


  1. Wow, the technical details were like Chinese to our mom, but we cats know one thing for sure: That's one awfully pawsome quilt.

  2. You're so lucky to have so many helpers, and what a beautiful quilt you've made!

  3. Is that why your quilts look so nice? Because you've got lots of sharp eyes in the QC department?

    (not Sylvie the cat)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Siena&Chilli, Nan, and Sylvie! Yes the kitties take great pride in being my quality control experts! It's impossible to keep them from sitting on everything i'm working on (other than shutting them out of the sewing room, which i would never consider, and besides, there's generous quantities of kitty fur on all surfaces anyhow).

  5. Our Mum is in awe at quilters. The party sounds like great fun and we look forward to seeing the finished work. Very kind of the cats to supervise you!

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. That is a beautiful quilt you made. You are so lucky you have so many helpers!! I am the only one who likes to help the PM sew and I could use some help! It is tiring!

    Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season!!!!!

    Purrs Goldie

  7. Hi Whicky, thanks for stopping by! Goldie, if you need some help supervising the PM's sewing, any of us kitties would be glad to take the magic transporter up to your house to help out! We love being quilting mewses.

  8. Happy Holiidays to all at Quiltcat!