Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Box of Memories

After i met my father for New Year's brunch, he handed me this green shoe box which unmistakeably has a label in my mother's handwriting: X-Mas Decor Mice

Sure enough, it contained some Christmas ornaments, mostly origami that were gifts from my father's talented co-workers many years ago. But it also contained the hanging that my sister made in embroidery on felt of some cute mice caroling, sledding, etc. Fortunately she dated it on the back, so i know she made it in 1982. Each year at Christmas my mother would bring out the banner and hang it from the fireplace screen.A year or so later i found a kit in the Herrschners catalog for these cute felt mice in stockings. They were so much fun to make! Most of them have embroidery floss whiskers, but a couple of them have real whiskers...they're shed kitty whiskers that i knew i'd find a use for one of these days! (I had just started to save kitty whiskers then...now i have a whole little sweetgrass basket full.) The mice used to get hung up on the fireplace screen too. I don't have a fireplace but i'm glad to have them back. Maybe next year i'll hang them up along the top of a bookcase.

Toesy Tuesday

Some blogging cat friends often post a picture of their toes on Toes-day so it seemed like a good way to return to blogging in this New Year.

Here's Gingy and her lovely pink paw pads: