Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hummingbird Card Giveaway

I've been away from this blog for way too long! I started a new job last August which has kept me busier than ever, the cats have had some health problems, i've spent more time watching eaglets on a webcam than you can imagine, i went to Vermont and to Maine this summer for two separate one-week vacations....etc.!

I almost made my first return post on July 8, when my dear Fuzzy died, but instead of starting that way, i'd like to start with a giveaway to (i hope) welcome back my friendly readers...i made a card celebrating seeing a female rubythroat hummingbird in my backyard last week, and i'd like to give it to a randomly selected commenter on the blog. So please leave a comment by midnight Friday, September 16, and you might be the winner of the card.

I don't have hummingbird feeders up, so i was delighted to see the hummingbird in my backyard. My old privet hadge in the back of the house has been getting pretty thin and patchy looking, but some spots are being filled in by volunteer Rose of Sharon seedlings, and the hummingbird i think was attracted by one of the Rose of Sharon's blossoms....its first this year!