Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Waste Not, Want Not Card Sequence

My Big Shot (Stampin' Up's version of Ellison's manual die cutting machine) arrived early this week and i've been playing with it. It can cut a lot more than paper and cardstock. eye fell on the plastic that had been used to keep the cutting platforms from shifting while the machine was in transit. Nice stiff plastic. So i cut a piece to size with my tin snips, and punched it out with the Snowflake die. Oh, that's nice! Then i spiced it up a bit with glue and glitter. With a little bit of metallic thread as a hanger it can be a nice ornament.
I was then left with a piece of plastic with a snowflake punched out of it...perfect stencil! So i made a card dabbing on white craft ink with a sponge, and then added a simple greeting (edges are sponged, it's popped up on dimensionals, and there's a light snowflake stamped over the greeting, none really visible in the picture).

After "stencilling" i was left with a piece of plastic with white craft ink on i placed the plastic ink side down on a piece of cardstock and rubbed the ink off onto it...sort of a transfer print. I stamped the greeting in white craft ink, which stays wet for quite a while, and didn't contrast quite as much as i wanted it to, so i sprinkled on some silver embossing powder and heated it...voila! Also added three of Stampin' Up's new felt snowflakes. die, three different techniques!


  1. Wow! What a brilliant machine that is! The snowflake is lovely, how cool!

  2. thanks, Buskitten! I love my Big Shot!

  3. Hi quiltcat,
    Your card looks great! What a fine recipe you came up with for it! It's wonderful the way you turned something you might have discarded into a snowflake!
    I hope I can send this for I tried to send comments earlier about the music and it wouldn't work for me... thanks again for stopping by Furry and Feathered Friends...stop by again...

  4. Hi Nan. Sorry you had trouble posting...i think maybe Google was having hiccups. Seems to be o.k. now! Hope you're not too cold in was bitterly cold at the Farmer's Market this a.m.

  5. Hi quiltcat, I had tried many times to post and luckily D was still here so he tried to figure out why I was having trouble...he solved it..for some reason your blog needs to have 3rd party cookies enabled...does that mean anything to you? So he changed the setting on my computer and it's working...
    he thinks you might have some widget turned on...I really don't know what that means!

  6. I'm not a computer guru, either, Nan...i just used the format that Blogger provides. I did select word verification as an option, but i don't know how it works...i would guess it has something to do with cookies, but i don't know. Let me know if you have anymore trouble...i can turn word verification off, it just seemed like a good idea to prevent spam.