Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It was a perfect but not too cool and sunny, also the strong winds of the last few days died down (my next door neighbors dress their house up to a fare-thee-well and a couple of their decorations rolled and blew over here). I telecommute on Fridays now, so i thought that i would be home to see the little kids who i usually miss since i often don't get home until 6 or later. But strangely, the first kid didn't show up until after 7 p.m.! There were more homemade costumes this year, which was great to see. The scariest were a neighbor's daughter and son-in-law who came as Palin and McCain!

First picture is of Fuzzy and Sylvie waiting for the trick-or-treaters to start arriving. Pretty impressive cat costumes, eh? *g* If you look at the detail view of Sylvie, you can see that she's got red eye despite the red eye correction of my camera...and you can see the notch in her tail, where the vet shaved off the fur so that i could clean a nasty scratch she had there, either from construction or another cat's claw.

The second picture is of my decorations awaiting the kids...two metal black cat candle lanterns from Mexico and a pumpkin that i made with Stampin' Up! papers and ribbon and inks.

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