Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cat in a Basket

What is it about boxes and baskets that so attract kitties?! Maybe they like the security of sleeping in a container that hugs them from all sides. Or at least...my cats are so big...and get into containers that are so small...that they are hugged from all sides! This morning Gingy was in the big African basket/purse that my friend Cathy gave me a few years ago. It's way too large to fit anywhere except the living room floor, where it promptly acquired a filling of quilting fabric and a Laurel Burch bag or two. And then Gingy discovered it as the perfect nest! None of the other cats has ever even thought about getting in there (Louie does claw at it occasionally, hence the "poik" marks on the side and the slightly shredded handle), but Gingy just goes right up to the basket, leaps lightly in, curls herself around, and there she is.

Oh, i can't resist posting this one, from this past April, when the level of stuff in the basket was a bit higher...and that blue so compliments her fur color!

Here's Gingy a few Fall seasons ago, in my market basket...i must've just come back from the Farmer's Market because there's an acorn squash in there with her!


  1. Hello!
    Just discovered you...and am delighted to see your cat in a basket or two! Wonderful photos!

    I live in a houseful of baskets that also have cats in them! There are baskets everywhere, in windows, on counters, shelves, my artwork table... Ellie May actually lives in my studio next to our house and she has about 10 baskets! Some of Polly's baskets have been retired but she moves around between five baskets. Brody, the only boy cat, can be seen in a basket occasionally. Have you seen the cat cubes, made of cloth? That is also a favorite!
    Will post photos...
    Hope you stop by to meet Ellie May, Polly and Brody...they can be seen at Furry and Feathered Friends and Shells and Roses!
    Best wishes! Nan

  2. Hi Nan, thanks for stopping by! I love your drawings and paintings...wow! I think my cats may have more boxes than baskets...there's a 1/2 bushel box in the kitchen that Florida oranges came in and it's a favorite nest of both Fuzzy and Louie. I also leave two cat carriers out upstairs and those are favored sleeping "caves."

  3. Hello Quiltcat!
    What a lovely name for your blog. I love the title graphic, and the photos of the adorable pussycats! We have three; Bob, a giant ginger tom - the boss of all of us in this house, animals and humans! Little Magic, sweet, black and fluffy, who came from the 'Items for Sale' board of the local super market - "Fluffy black cat, good natured, free to good home'. And last, but not least, Baby Bacon the kitten. He is two now, friendly and sweet and will always be the baby of the household!

    Look forward to reading al about you guys!
    Best Wishes,
    Liz from Scotland UK

  4. Good evening! I love the photos of your cats in boxes and baskets! So familiar and comical! (I was going to comment on your latest post just above this above but couldn't find the comment link.)

  5. Oops, sorry about that, Nan, i'm still learning my way around this blogger thingy, and for some reason when i created that post, it defaulted to "no comments"! Thanks for visiting (and for letting me know, so i could fix it!).