Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You've got to hear this music!

Last week my local National Public Radio Station played an interview with Buika, whose album Nina de Fuego was nominated for a Latin Grammy as best album of the year. She was the only singer from Spain nominated this year. She's the daughter of parents who were refugees from Equatorial Guinea who settled in Mallorca. There's something incredibly lovely, sensual, sad, and joyous all at the same time in her voice. Here's the interview on PRI's The World , including clips of a couple of her songs. has snippets of songs from several of her albums. She reminds me a lot of Cesaria Evora, even though Cesaria is a Cape Verdean who sings in Portuguese. I think it's the soulfulness of the songs and the smoky richness of her voice. It turns out that Buika didn't win the Grammy, but i'm delighted to have discovered her.


  1. Ooh, great link, QC - it's always good to get recommendations of music and stuff from other people, as it widens your horizons, it's good!
    How is the weather with you? Here, it is surprisingly mild, although the weather lady says it will be getting colder and maybe snow by the weekend! I am cooking a roast chicken - good, hearty food is needed at this time of year!

  2. Hi there Buskitten! I'm glad you like the music recommendation...i was blown away (i think they say gob-smacked in the U.K. *g*) when i heard her!

    Weather here is more like December than November at the moment. Temperature was quite a bit below freezing yesterday a.m., and just a tiny bit above freezing this a.m. It's completely overcast and there's a chilly breeze. We're due to get an "Alberta Clipper" by the weekend...a blast of frigid, dry air that comes sweeping down from Canada's Plains provinces. Roast chicken sounds perfect!