Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cats Never Quite Do What You Want Them To

Friday i was working at home and it was pretty nasty out, so the cats were all curled up asleep. I decided i'd go around taking pictures of them, but of course everybody except Fuzzy woke up when i approached with the camera, and i missed Louie looking straight into the camera and Gingy making a nice toothy yawn...i think the anti-redeye feature of the camera slows it down just enought for a kitty to change expression/position before the camera goes off. Oh well here's what i ended up with.
Fuzzy tucked into his "cave."

Gingy just finished yawning....just missed an amazing view of her dentition.

Louie was curled up, then stood up, stretched, looked at me...oops didn't quite get the pic soon enought.

Gingy quickly went back to sleep. Nice to be able to wrap onesself into such a soft furry blanket!


  1. Hi Quiltcat,
    well, it's still very nice to see them even if the photos you had in mind went by! They do convey the feeling of a sleepy day!
    I know what you mean about digital cameras and the delay...have lost many a precious moment but fortunately more come into view.

  2. Wow, Gingy, that's some undercoat ya have there!

  3. Hi Catbird! Some of your relatives nest around my yard...each year when i get ready to put my garden in, they eagerly hang out nearby to gobble up any grubs and bugs that i turn up.

    Gingy has an industrial strength undercoat *g*.

  4. Hi Quiltcat it's nice to meet you. You are all very beautiful and I am glad to see that you are taking your duties of foiling your human when she has photos in mind.

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. Hi Whicky Wuudler, thanks for stopping by! I'm sure you're glad to get away from those kittens for a while (but oh how cute they are, Mom says).

  6. Same problem here! Those digital cameras really make the pawparrazzi sloooooow. She never knows what picture she will get!
    Purrs again, Siena & Chilli