Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cats in Baskets and Boxes

It was so much fun posting the pictures of Gingy in my market basket, i thought i'd go through my pictures to find some more pictures of her and the other cats in containers. I haven't yet found all the cats in boxes pictures....maybe they're still on one of the memory cards (yikes) but here's Fuzzy in the orange box in the kitchen (1/2 bushel of oranges fits in this box).
Here's another of Fuzzy, this time in my market basket (my only attempt at basket making):
Gingy on a mat, Louie in the box, after both pigged out on fresh catnip that i brought in from the garden this summer:
This is Sylvie in front of the fridge on the tray that comes under a case of canned cat food. These end up getting flattened and torn into perfect catnestitude:

One last pic, of Gingy in her nest in my study. It's a box of flimsy cardboard that 500 envelopes came in. It's on top of a pile of stuff, behind a jumble of other stuff, on a storage desk. I'm not sure how she found it, but she's the only one lithe enough to hop up there, which she does with great ease and then swirls herself around to (just barely) fit in the box:


  1. Yeah!, the comment section is back!
    I meant to tell you I think your market basket is beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Nan! I took a basketmaking workshop at a quilting seminar about 12 years ago, and it was so much fun! I made that basket from start to finish during one day, as did everyone else in the class. I thought "i don't need another hobby with supplies that are expensive and take up lots of room" but i wish i'd invested in some reeds and withes and a pre-made handle at the time because the basket came out so well and i'd love to make another.

  3. Oh, what lovely photographs of your puttycats - they are simply wonderful, Quiltcat!
    I think you can never have enough cool cat photos, and cats are soooooo purrfectly photogenic!
    See you soon,
    Best Wishes,

  4. Hi quiltcat,
    I agree with Liz, I never tire of looking at cat photos... it's great to see your group of photos with the same "box" theme...just makes me smile!

  5. Thanks, Nan and Liz! I can't draw kitties the way you two talented ladies do, but i sure enjoy taking pictures of them!

  6. Love your market basket, and a most worthy container for a cat...

  7. Thank you, Glenna! I hope Miss Peaches is feeling all better now.

  8. Cats in containers means all is well. Sylvie looks very much like sister Angel. That basket is wonderful.

    Whicky Wuudler

  9. Hi Whicky Wuudler. You look kinda like me, in degree of furriness and color scheme, although our patches are in different places! (And i've got a Maine Coon shaped face while yours appropriately is more British)