Wednesday, November 5, 2008

YES We Can!!!

I am so excited. This country has come such a long way. I remember my parents being distressed that the public schools in Virginia didn't offer kindergarten in the 1950s when we lived there, so if you wanted your child to go to kindergarten, you had to pay to send them to a private one. Which meant that the children of the poor already started off first grade behind the eight ball because they were a year behind in education. Now let's hope that the new Obama administration will work to cure remaining inequities in the education system, restore civil liberties stolen wholesale by Bush's Justice Department, heal the suffering environment, provide well-paid jobs for eager American workers, end our military excursions in places where our presence does nothing except provide training for terrorists and drains our economy, restore our place in the eyes of the world as a beacon of hope, innovation, and opportunity...Yes We Can.


  1. Thanks for the feedback on Max'x blog. I have pointed out to Egmont that as blogging goes it is all very counter intuitive and I think they are taking note. Quite difficult to navigate to post too.

    Meanwhile, I too woke up with a sense of optimism at Barak Obama's win. Then I remembered a day in May not so long ago. After years of Margaret Thatcher we now had a brand new dawn. Unfortunately we came down with a bump pretty early on and things went from bad to worse with Mr Blair. I hope, so very very much that the USA does not feel the same sense of utter disappointment that we suffered here as over 3000 new pieces of legislation were forced through, ministers tumbled through corruption and wars were started on very spurious grounds.

    Good luck.
    Ps, this posting was hijacked by Her. As cats we have no premiers, no leaders, we vote for no one and rule ourselves. And we are perfect. Because we are cats!

  2. Hi Jackie and Gingers. Thank you for visiting. I'm hoping that our sense of optimism isn't misplaced. I certainly was disappointed in Mr Blair when he seemed to fall under Bush's spell about the war in Iraq.

    The cats here definitely agree with the ginger darlings (plus Max). However, i've noticed that there's a certain hierarchy amongst them...and each of the two females seems to think that she and only she should be queen.