Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cold weather is for snuggling

Louie and Fuzzy on the couch the other evening.
Louie enjoying his "hairy blankie," and soliciting a tummy rub

This picture makes me laugh...Gingy helping me telecommute by standing on the computer desk directly in front of me. She's fine with me reaching around her on both sides to reach the keyboard. She still isn't comfortable sitting or lying on my lap, but maybe she will be's only taken her 5 years to get to this point!
This is how a professional snuggler helps me telecommute.

Stay warm and safe, everybody!


  1. It looks very cozy and safe! Stay warm.

  2. You have great help at the computer! It is the time of year to snuggle!

  3. I sure do miss the cat computer snuggle....

  4. Snuggling sure is a requirement when it's cold outside. And how nice to have expert help at the computer :-)

  5. According to a recent survey most people use the cold weather to snuggle and keep warm.

  6. The best way to stay warm is snuggling with your sibling. Thanks for sharing the sweet photos. Have a wonderful rest of your week.
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