Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow in the forecast? Bring it on!

Or at least that's what Fuzzy and Louie seem to be saying! We've had a relatively mild winter in terms of snowfall compared to last year, although it's been quite cold, with several days last week when the temperature didn't get above freezing and got down to 11F at night. Today the forecast was for heavy snow in this area starting about the time of the evening rush hour, so my carpool buddy and i decided to work from home today.

The day began with drizzle, since it was above freezing, then changed to ice pellets, and sleet...and the moment the temperature dropped below freezing, it started snowing heavily. It's a very wet, heavy snow and sticking everywhere. It may be a real hassle trying to move it the meantime, i'm content to stay indoors with the kitties.


  1. That is the best place to stay in winter weather.

  2. Snow already for you this early. We hope you stay inside and stay warm and cozy under the covers. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
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