Thursday, January 22, 2009

Get well soon

My good friend April had surgery today and another friend had surgery yesterday in Baltimore so i needed to make a couple of cards in a hurry. I liked the card on the cover of January's Stampin' Success magazine, but i didn't have time to look for directions online and i knew i didn't have all the papers shown. I did have the "sweet stems" stamp set, but i also didn't have time to do the watercoloring, so i improvised with what i had on hand. It came out o.k.!


  1. How lovely! The card turned out very nice!

  2. Hope your friends have a speedy recovery from their surgeries! Your card is wonderful... a home made card is always so special.

  3. That's lovely that you're giving them such nice cards, it means alot when you're in hospital. Best Wishes to them oth for a speedy recovery!