Sunday, January 25, 2009

Turning a Cat Bully into a Play Mate?

Gingy and Sylvie perpetually don't get along...this morning, for example, Sylvie saw Gingy walking into the kitchen so growled at her and scuttled under the table. Gingy paused and stared at Sylvie. Sylvie growled louder. Then Gingy tried to leap over the pile of books between herself and Sylvie and Sylvie screamed at her. Gingy backed off... So it goes, several times a day. (At other times, they can be in same room together without a sound passing between them.)

I was down in the basement trimming some rubber stamps (the old Stampin' Up! stamps aren't diecut so you have to trim the rubber and then mount the stamps on provided wood blocks). Gingy was walking around purring at me and running up and down the painter's ladder i leave up as a cat playground. Then Louie came bouncing down the stairs to see me. Gingy stalked over to Louie sideways...not a friendly body posture! He nonchalantly sniffed her butt and as she sashayed past him, he patted at her. Several times she charged at him, which would have brought a scream from Sylvie. Instead, he galloped up the stairs...and then stopped. And either paused to wash, or turned around and came galloping back down the stairs, making her give way. She tried ambushing him from behind a cat carrier and he went trotting away, then circled around behind her and patted her on the behind again.

It was as if he was taking all of her potentially aggressive actions and interpreting them all as play. He's not at all afraid of her, which she doesn't understand (she's used to Sylvie yelling and Fuzzy cowering)...i hope he'll persist and she'll finally learn that it's fun to chase and be chased.


  1. We used to be like dat too. When Alfie first arrived it was laser eyes at dawn, I growled and hissed non-stop - and Mom despaired. But wiv patience and gentle encouragement Alfie and I are now bestest friends!

  2. Sounds like Goldie and Shade!!!

    I just like to play and play!! Unless Shade is in between me and the food!

    Purrs Banshee

  3. Great cat story! I love hearing other people's kitty stories, they are such funny creatures, and the associated havoc with comes with them is both entertaining and enchanting! Ours are similar - Bob really doesn't like little Bacon (2 toms) Bacon loves Bob and Magic; Magic tolerates Bacon! Cat politics, ha ha! Plenty of them in this house!

  4. Hi Milo! I wish my girl kitties got along as well as you and Alfie do...i think you were both young and playful and that really helped cement your relationship.

    Hi Banshee, thanks for stopping by! I hope both Goldie and Shade want to play with you.

    Hi Liz. Very interesting cat politics in your house! ...quite similar to mine (with the addition of a 4th cat). My two toms actually are extremely close friends; it's the other relations that are dicey. Too bad that Bacon loves Bob, but Bob doesn't really like him...maybe with time Bacon will win him over, like Milo and Alfie!

  5. It would be great if Louie could win her over for the bright side of life. Paws crossed here for all of you!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

    P.S.: Our relationship is changing too because Chilli seems to be quite "alpha", whereas Siena is more "beta". Mom is already making sure Siena can play a little too, 'cos Chilli plays so rough Siena always backs off.

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