Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quiet cold weekend

Not too much going on around here, other than very chilly temperatures (a record low of 3 degrees Fahrenheit Friday night) and a lot of happy cat snuggling! First we have Fuzzy helping me telecommute on Friday.
And then it was Louie's turn.
Friday night, i came to bed to find Gingy already preheating the foot of the bed. She's decided that it's really o.k. for her to sleep there, and is now a regular bed companion, which is really nice.
Today it wasn't nearly as cold (temperature hovered around freezing or a bit above) but it was grey all day and the kitties mostly spent it snuggled up. I missed getting a picture of Sylvie curled up on the couch on one side with Fuzzy and Louie curled up on the other side (but got her later when she returned to the couch).
Here are the two big guys snuggled into one smallish space.

Sylvie curled up into a little tiger-striped ball:

And last for tonight, Louie sleeping by himself again (i think it's amazing how he manages to fill all this space by himself, yet he and Fuzzy are also able to sleep in it together!).:


  1. Morning QC,
    Lovely photos. I think it's amazing how cats can miraculously expand and contract! They can go all puffed up and huge, then squeeze through the smallest of small holes! It's amazing! The same when they sleep - they can be tightly curled balls, or so enormous they fall off a chair, ha ha! Aren't they great?
    My goodness, it's so cold where you live - I think we Brits are very wussy when it comes to the weather, it's a National Emercency here if it's even at sniff at freezing! We're just not good at it! I went to Oslo last year, and babies were being towed by their parents in little sledges! It was so lovely! Life went on as normal under all the ice and snow - cars, buses, lorries.....That would never happen in the good ol UK!

  2. Great shots of all that snugglin'!!! You all look so cosy! You all get along pretty well too it seems. We hope to get like that someday.

    Stay warm all!!!!!

  3. Hi quiltcat,
    Wonderful photos, oh, it makes me miss my kitties so much more! I need snuggling catnap time with them! Am in Connecticut another week!
    Now when the temperature reaches 30 degrees it feels like a heatwave!

  4. It sounds like a lot of people are dealing with very, very cold temperatures. We're glad to see you're keeping each other warm!

    Tom and Tama-Chan

  5. Temperaturewise we are back to normal: just above zero, grey days and rain. Yep, it is as it sounds! Oh, Chilli didn‘t have the chance to bust out there, if you know what I mean. Har, har, har! You all look lovely snug there.
    Purrs, Siena

  6. Hi Liz. Yep, cats have an amazing capacity to inflate and deflate! If you want to see panic, you should see what happens to Washington, DC, in a few inches of snow. Cold at least we can handle well.
    Hi Goldie. You notice only Fuzzy and Louie are snuggling together...Sylvie and Gingy still are aggravating each other after three years together! But Louie is the family ambassador, he gets along with both of them and sometimes gets between them to calm things.
    Hi Nan. Sorry, didn't mean to make you miss your kitties. I'm going to post my birdhouse picture inspired by yours.
    Hi Tom and Tama-Chan. Yep it's cold here--perfect snuggling weather. Fuzzy's former owners had a wolf hybrid named Loki who stood 6' tall on his hind legs and weighed 130 pounds...sometimes in winter when Fuzzy was left outside he would curl up with Loki...the two of you would easily fit inside his curl, too!
    Hi Siena. Yucky weather for you guys...good weather to stay inside and practice your stick chomping/pouncing techniques!

  7. This looks like it was a very civilised weekend!