Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pay it Forward

A lovely package from the Pay It Forward exchange arrived in the mail today from Goldie, Banshee, Shade, and their PM! It contained something so redolent of catnip that i could smell it through the packaging, even though it had travelled a long ways and been sitting in a below-freezing mailbox all day. And if i could smell it, you can bet that the kitties smelled it...they started walking around sniffing with great interest as soon as i got in the door.

Before i post the pictures of what happened next, here's what Pay It Forward is all about:
"The exchange focuses on doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than that the recipient will, in their turn, pass the kindness along and 'pay it forward' in their own way.

This is how it works...
We are going to agree to send something fun, inspiring or uplifting to the first 3 blog owners who post a comment on this entry. In turn you will then post about this on your blog, link to us, then send something to the first three people who sign up to play along through your blog.
There are no cost restraints, BUT don't go crazy! The little something you send can be something you made, bought, were given or found. No biggie, just a gift that will make the person smile. Maybe something unique from where you live?
And, remember that kindness doesn't have to involve money; there are untold ways to help others every single day, everywhere you go - just look around."

Soooo i was one of the first three to respond to the post on Goldie's blog and received this great package that included a beautiful pewter sand dollar and lovely smooth piece of sea glass for me...and two handmade felted wool shroos (preferred spelling from the kitties of a friend in Wales) stuffed with catnip for the kitties! Here's a picture of one of the shroos, already being sampled by Fuzzy, and then the two boys swooping down on the same shroo.

Meanwhile Sylvie stayed on her "safe" kitchen chair and thoroughly nommed, licked, and rolled on the other one.The boys got so excited from playing with the same shroo that they started wrestling and nipping at each other.

Fuzzy had a great time rolling around on the shroo (i didn't plan this filming too well, so the news is running in the background rather than some interesting music!)
The final pic is Louie with the green tissue paper the shroos were wrapped in...he turned around and around on it, then rolled on it, then Fuzzy grabbed a piece of it...silly cat boys!


  1. Wonderful! And it reminds us that we have a "Paw it Forward" obligation that got sidelined when our little Sen-Chan went to the Bridge. Must get to it!

    Tom and Tama-Chan

  2. What a lovely idea! Looks like the kitties had great fun wiv their "shroos"!

  3. Great fun! It looks very nice on the sofa. Wish Cliff would let me get that close more often!


  4. Rats, we're one post too late! ;)
    What lovely presents!!!

  5. Oh, btw, the sound on the cube really goes "pluck, pluck, pluck"! How well you know cats...

  6. Great shroos! Some of my cat-kids like catnip, and a couple of them don't seem to care.

  7. Isn't it great fun when the cats receive gifts!

  8. Thanks for all your kind comments on my new blog. Your kitties are very sweet. I had a fluffy black and white when I was growing up. His name was "big kitty" for some reason that I don't remember. Enjoy the weekend!

  9. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.