Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Puppus Doggus quilt finished; Block of the Month begun

I finally finished the Puppus Doggus quilt! I had finished stitching the binding on by Christmas Day, but i still needed to make and sew on the label. Got that done on Monday night...only to have the quilting meeting cancelled last night because of the possibility of freezing rain. Oh well, it's all ready to go for the next meeting!

I also worked on the Block of the Month with great concentration on Sunday and Monday, and that too will have to wait 'til the next meeting. This is a new/old idea for my quilt group. We had done a Block of the Month challenge about 10 years ago, i thought...then looked at the blocks that i won and they're dated 1/1993! The idea is that each month you make a block of a specified size in an assigned pattern using an assigned get one chance to win for each block that you make. The ones i won are a pattern called Contrary Wife (i made mine with a flying pig fabric in the center!) and the color was blue...and they are all very different and wonderful.

This time, the committee chose an organized Block of the Month challenge from the internet,'s 2007 anniversary sampler. So everybody who wants to participate will make the first block for January, second block for February, and so on. If you want to end up with 12 squares to put the sampler quilt together for yourself, you need to make two of the blocks each to enter into the drawing and the other to keep. The January block is a variation of the Flying Geese pattern. As usual i had trouble with accuracy (that's why i love applique so much better!) but from the distance it looks o.k. Here's Gingy being a helpful mews with the finished block.


  1. Puppus Doggus is such a cool quilt! That quilting is an amazing thing to do and you can be so creative. We think your human is furry good at it!!!

  2. Hey it's great how it turned out - I thought it would be fun. Gingy is a splendid supervisor there, how do you get any work done?

  3. wow, that's a beautiful photo of Gingy and your quilt block....Gingy looks so competent and proud!
    Your quilting is wonderful!

  4. Gingy is a very pretty kitty!
    And I love that block!

  5. Hi Siena and Chilli, Whicky, Nan, and Parker--thank you all for visiting and the nice compliments! Gingy is indeed an excellent snoopervisor...luckily for me, she only settled onto the cutting mat after i had the block all done except for signing it. (Louie had been holding court there instead! I just have to carefully work around a large round purring presence.)

  6. "A large round purring presence" - hihihihihi!