Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's kitty

First, a picture of Gingy in her favorite basket...appearing to be watched over by a Laurel Burch kitty (on a little tote bag in the basket).
Then a really funny picture of Gingy looking hung over...she was in her nest box that's on top of a file cabinet in my study. There used to be gardening catalogs in the box, which the girl cats have now shredded into cat bedding. Gingy was startled by a kitty sound and groggily poked her head out of the box...wearing some of her bedding much like a worse-for-wear party hat.


  1. Happy Snoozing and Happy New Year. FAZ

  2. hi quiltcat,
    that is such an adorable photo of Gingy with the shredded garden catalog in her head!

  3. We love our cardboard cat boxes. We use them everyday, and mombean has them in front of the windows, that is also where the heaters are, good thing, the weather has been cold here.
    Happy New Year

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

  4. This is cute. My cats live in cardboard boxes from the grocery stores too. I have toyed with the idea of buying them fancy beds from the pet store, but cats choose thier own favorite spots and that's that!

  5. Hi Faz, Nan, Mindy, Moe, Bono, and Katie Jane. Thank you all for visiting and your nice words! my kitties definitely love their boxes...the snugger the better!

  6. Boxes and baskets are the best!! Banshee likes to tear up boxes so we are having a little fight here as I don't want my beloved boxes ruined!

    Purrs and Happy New Year!