Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A new day!

I keep wanting to wish everyone i run into a Happy New Year. Some are people who i actually haven't seen since before January 1, but it's more the feeling that a new era began yesterday, and i'm feeling very hopeful about it.
The cats were delighted that the government didn't want any of us drones to add to the traffic woes in Washington yesterday, so i was at home watching the Inauguration on TV. Fuzzy snuggled with me through the whole swearing in, then he got so sleepy he had to hop down and crawl into his cave for a long deep sleep.

As soon as i got up from the couch to start puttering around and doing things, Sylvie hopped into my spot!


  1. It is lovely that many people are feeling hope and "change"!

  2. It is nice to see people being hopeful, I agree with Siena. I also agree with Sylvie that hopping onto the warm seat where a human has been is a very good idea.

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. Hope is in the air!
    A very common situation at my sister C's house, Tiger is always stealing her chair as soon as she gets up!


  4. There's nothing like hogging a warm and freshly vacated chair!

  5. Hi Siena, Whicky, and Nan. The uplifting air of hope and expectation is quite wonderful!

    Whicky, Nan, and Milo, it's good that you all know about the theft of spots warmed by humans! Sometimes there's what they consider a fair trade...the kitties warm the foot of the bed or my pillow for me.

  6. We watched on TV - Mommy stayed home with us too!