Monday, January 19, 2009

A tiny bit of snow

We had been forecast to get an inch, maybe two, of snow. I love how snow transforms everything, and i didn't have to worry about needing to get anywhere, because i have today off for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. However....we only got one small snow shower this afternoon, right during the only time all day that the sun peeked out! It was very pretty with the large fluffy flakes falling in the weak winter sun. But almost as soon as it started, it stopped.

Nan's picture of bird houses hanging from the overhang at her parents' house inspired me to take a picture of the bird house i've got hanging from my very similar was a large gourd that was hollowed out and made into a bird house resembling...hmmm...resembling a kitty! I usually have at least one family of wrens there each year (as you can see from the "white wash" on the bricks).

Here's a first video! It's not really great (taken with my little point-and-shoot digital camera) and i'm not sure what the clicking sound is...could be the camera is picking up the sounds of its own internal workings? but if you turn your volume up, you can hear Sylvie's purr!
I've been doing some much needed house straightening stuff, also sending out get well cards to the three (!) friends who are all having surgery this week. Meanwhile the cats are engaged in their usual occupations:

Gingy looking to get into mischief with Sylvie up on the bedroom window perch. She knows that if she just looks at Sylvie it's enough to make her start growling!

Fuzzy and Louie snuggling on the couch. I had a chance to watch Louie's technique but couldn't take too many pictures because he might stop and hop down from the couch. It appears that step one is to hop up and lick Fuzzy very thoroughly...sometimes this works to dislodge the purrson being licked. This time Fuzzy kept sleeping. Next Louie hopped up and turned himself around and around and around, trying to fit into the space on the couch (and maybe hoping his trompling would disrupt Fuzzy!). At last he got more or less comfortable, resting his head on Fuzzy's rump.


  1. Glad you got to witness a few flakes.

    The wee ones tried to grow "birdhouse gourds" last summer but they were only 2 inches long at first frost. Too small for even a hummingbird. They'll try again next year.

  2. Sylvie's purr is gorgeous, a really good rumble. Fuzzy and Louie look like luxurient cushions and Gingy is such a fluffball. Makes us chuckle, the bird house shaped like a kitty, birds flying into cat mouths is a very right and proper thing we think. But we are cats.

    Hope you got the "laundry" done ok - might have been a bit "chilly" considering the snow - our ape is gradually catching up, boy is she slow!


  3. Gingy reminds me of Brody... all he has to do is get a little too close for comfort and look at Polly and she starts growling!
    I loved your movie and hearing the purring voice!
    I can see how my parent's birdhouses under the overhang at their house reminds you of your own.
    Your kitty birdhouse is wonderful!
    Wish we had cats that liked to snuggle together like Fuzzy and Louie!

  4. Wow! How cool and technical that you have got a movie on your blog! Fantastic! The kits are so funny, aren't they? Fuzzy is a great name for Fuzzy! I do like your cats names - do yours have nick-names, or alternative names? Ours do! They have loads of them; Bacon -Tot, Totty, Babycat, BC. Magic - Maggot, Mags, Magalulf. Bob - Precious, Big One, Wonder Cat.
    Oh dear, are we mad! Ha ha!

  5. Hi PM. Hummingbirds make really teeny nests, maybe those small gourds would have worked *g*. You might have to start them indoors a month or so before your growing season starts, because i think i read somewhere that they're long growing season plants.

    Hi Whicky. We love watching the birdies go into their house...they actually fly directly into the cat's tummy, even better!

    Hi Nan. I've always envied other people's cuddly cats, like lovely Siena and Chilli...Louie and Fuzzy don't put their arms around each other (except when wrestling!) but it's so sweet that they can peacefully share space like they do.

    Hi Liz. My kitties have nicknames but none quite so inventive as yours! Fuzzy was named by the little girl he used to belong to, and it was a perfect name for a little fuzzy kitty boy! He was about 10 years old when his people abandoned him and i adopted him...i wanted to give him a "better" name like my other cats, but i couldn't come up with anything--Fuzzy is still a perfect name for him. Louie is also Baby, Sweet Baby Cat, Little Guy, and Luigi. Gingy i sometimes refer to as "The Rabbi's Cat" and my friend Gloria nicknamed her Princess Fluffina. Sylvie is Sweetie (although each of them gets called Sweetie) and Little Girl. Fuzzy is The Fuzzmeister, FZ, and Big Guy. (And friends who don't remember his correct name call him Fluffy!)